The champions crowned at the 300-meter national championships


At the 2022 300-meter Rifle National Championship and Trial Game, held Aug. 16-20 at the Minnetonka Game and Fish Club in Elk River, Minnesota, this year’s national champions were crowned, while the shooters competed for available spots on the 300-meter rifle. The World Championship team.

Rifle athletes competed in three events – 3×20, Prone and Standard Rifle – over the four-day match.

Virginia resident Denise Loring won the gold medal in the women’s 3×20 event. Abigail Winegarden of North Carolina was the silver medalist and Michelle Bohren of Michigan won the bronze medal.

US Army Marksmanship Unit (AMU) soldier Tim Sherry won the gold medal in the men’s 3×20 event. Ivan Roe, also in the AMU, won silver and Bradley Yliniemi, a resident of Minnesota, left the championship with a bronze medal.

In the women’s prone event, Loring won another gold medal. Bohren took silver and Winegarden took bronze.

As for the Men’s Prone event, Yliniemi picked up more material after winning the gold medal. Roe took silver in the event, while Sherry took bronze.

In the standard 3-position rifle event, Roe won the gold medal, Sherry won the silver, and Yliniemi finished in third place as the bronze medalist.

Ranking of the 300 meters 3×20 women

  1. Denise Loring, 1092-19X
  2. Abigail Winegarden, 1088-18X
  3. Michelle Bohren, 1025-10X

Ranking of the 300 meters 3 x 20 men

  • Tim Sherry, 1170-48X
  • Ivan Roe, 1170-45X
  • Bradley Yliniemi, 1136-32X

Ranking of the women’s 300 meters lying

  1. Denise Loring, 1163-36X
  2. Michelle Bohren, 1153-38X
  3. Abigail Winegarden, 1126-19X

Ranking of men’s 300 meters lying

  1. Bradley Yliniemi, 1190-58X
  2. Ivan Roe, 1190-55X
  3. Tim Sherry, 1188-64X

Standard 3-P 300 Meter Rifle Rating

  1. Ivan Roe, 1163-39X
  2. Tim Sherry, 1158-40X
  3. Bradley Yliniemi, 1138-28X

As mentioned, this year’s 300-meter national championship also served as the selection match for the 2022 World Rifle 300-meter Championship team.

For the men’s rifle team, Bradley Yliniemi, Ivan Roe and Tim Sherry made the cut. On the women’s side, Denise Loring, Abigail Winegarden and Michelle Bohren qualified.

You can view the full 2022 Rifle 300m National Championship and Trial Game results here. Go to for the latest news from USA Shooting.


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