Team USA for World Paralympic Shooting Championships Announced


USA Shooting has announced the members of the Paralympic team that will travel to the United Arab Emirates for the 2022 World Parasport Shooting Championships, which begin on Thursday.

The tournament, to be held in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates, from November 3-18, will be a great opportunity for American shooting athletes to capture their first U.S. Paralympic quotas for the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games. (A quota is the entrance ticket needed for a country to send athletes to participate in the Olympic or Paralympic Games.)

Additionally, the Al Ain 2022 World Parasport Championships will be remembered as Brenda Silva’s first competition in a dual-hatted role as USA Shooting’s new Paralympic coach and manager.

The United States Paralympic World Championship team members announced by USA Shooting are listed below.

gun for men
  • Yan Xiao Gong, P1: SH1 Men’s 10m Air Pistol, P3: SH1 Mixed 25m Pistol and P4: SH1 Mixed 50m Pistol
  • Marco De La Rosa, P1: SH1 Men’s 10m Air Pistol and P3: SH1 Mixed 25m Pistol
  • Michael Tagliapietra, P1: SH1 Men’s 10m Air Pistol and P3: SH1 Mixed 25m Pistol
Rifle for women
  • Madison Champion, R4: Mixed Standing 10m Air Rifle SH2 and R5: Mixed 10m Air Rifle SH2
  • Jazmin Almlie-Ryan, R4: mixed air rifle 10 m standing SH2, R5: mixed air rifle 10 m prone SH2 and R9: mixed air rifle 50 m prone SH2
Rifle for men
  • Kevin Nguyen, R3: Mixed 10m air rifle prone SH1 and R6: Mixed 50m air rifle prone SH1
  • Nick Beach, R3: 10m Air Rifle Mixed SH1 and R6: 50m Air Rifle Mixed SH1
  • John Joss, R6: Mixed 50m Rifle Prone SH1

Although the Paralympic Trap is not an official Paralympic Games event, efforts are being made to include it in the calendar of events. USA Shooting said it will send athletes to compete in Paralympic trap events at the Parasport World Championships, with the intention of “helping it through the process of being added to the [Paralympic] Games.”

Women’s Paralympic Trap
  • Sophia Bultema, mixed team PT3
  • Brandy Elrod, Mixed Team PT3
  • Becky Noble, Mixed Team PT1
Paralympic trap men
  • José Martinez Pico, mixed team PT2
  • Samuel Rudloff, mixed team PT3

There will be 19 events competing at the 2022 Al Ain Parasport World Championships, including 13 mixed team events. Mixed team events have men and women competing neck and neck, rather than in separate teams.

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