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  • Mark Thomas Mug of the Month
  • One-note winner: Paul Maher
  • A finalist: Mick Murray
  • B-Grade Winner: Rod Meredith
  • Category B Finalist: Robbo
  • NTP 11th Mark Thomas NTP 15th Robbo
  • Straightest Drive (yarn good). Clever
  • Encouragement Award: Billy
  • Hacker of the day: BJ
  • Lucky Badge Draw: Paul Maher
  • Beer Tickets: Mongrel Murray
  • Big Bennies Meat Platter: The Atleys

Very wet ground conditions prevented a normal start for the pitch with just 126 players on Thursday. A score was withdrawn by Peter Ward with 39 on his nine handicap while a countdown three from 38 decided the minor positions in favor of Geoff Lanham and Rick Porter with Jackson Taylor out.

Kevin Seamons prevailed in Class B with 39 points off his 19 handicap, albeit on the countdown to Commonwealth’s Brendan Dart, with Bill Anderson in third place with 38 points. In Category C, Tim Millward posted the best score of the day with 41 points off his 25 handicap with Denis Davies runners-up with 39 points, while Frank Caruana finished in third place with 36 points on Colin’s countdown Box sell.

The NTP winners were Greg Riley on three and nine, Nigel Roberts on 14 and Gungahlin Lakes’ Mark Porreca on 17 as the ball contest went down to Mitch Mitchell on 33 with 18 on the way back.

The field of 157 players appreciated the conditions and the score was good despite the absence of a race on Saturday. In Category A, Ben Smith scored 41 points off his 12 handicap to win by one point over Queanbeyan’s Brent Chalker while Will Monteith took third place with 39 points on Robert Sayers’ countdown . Grade B saw the day’s best scores with Jan Shevlin posting 42 runs off his 17 handicap to win as new member Mark Clifton counted out while Commonwealth’s Brendan Dart edged out Queanbeyan’s Chris Marshall on the countdown to finish third with 41 points.

A countdown was needed to decide the winner in Class C where Tina Wilson prevailed with 41 points off her 24 handicap ahead of Tim Millward who recorded his third podium in the last four rounds.

Of course, handicap reductions await you. Ann Durnan took third place with 40 points. The NTP winners were Richard Goodridge on three, Darcy Sealey on nine, league Duntry’s Henry Savage in Orange on 14 and Ken Brown on 17 as the ball competition dipped into the 33-point range on the countdown. RGI


This first week of reporting on Narooma Croquet Club activities spanned the warm and sunny Christmas and New Year holidays, but ended with the cancellation of a promising morning of golf croquet on Thursday 6 January due to the return of heavy rains. The awards ceremony for the Association’s Croquet Christmas Cup Tournament took place on Tuesday, January 6, in conjunction with a farewell function for our beloved Pearl Hanson, who moved with her family last Wednesday to Tin Can Bay, Queensland. In her last appearances playing croquet on the greens of Club Dalmeny, Pearl performed so well that she received the Blue Cow Award in December and was honored with a splendid photograph in the News from Narooma diary – a nice touch before he leaves.

On the Monday before Christmas, five players took part in the final of the 2021 croquet competition in Dalmeny. In the four matches played, club captain Christine Stent, along with Pearl Hanson, were the most successful players. The detailed scores were:

Game 1 – Pearl Hanson 7-6 Jean Phillips. Game 2 – Christine Stent and Louise Starkie 7-1 Lesley Miles. Game 3 – Christine Stent and Pearl Hanson 7-5 Louise Starkie. Game 4 – Jean Phillips 7-5 Lesley Miles.

The morning of the first Monday in the new year dawned hot and heavy, with five players playing four smartly completed golf croquet matches, including Pearl Hanson in his last appearance on the croquet greens for Narooma Croquet Club the day before. of its farewell function. . Fay O’Connor, returning to action after a short break, was the standout performer and partnered Pearl Hanson in Pearl’s last game-winning croquet match at Dalmeny. The detailed scores were:

Game 1 – Christine Stent and Sally McGourty 7-4 Pearl Hanson. Game 2 – Fay O’Connor 7-3 Louise Starkie. Game 3 – Fay O’Connor and Pearl Hanson 7-3 Louise Starkie. Game 4 – Christine Stent 7-5 Sally McGourty.

Last Thursday morning croquet players looked forward to a large contingent of croquet players competing in a golf croquet competition. Unfortunately, overnight rainfall of 50 millimeters led greenkeeeper Karl to declare the greens too wet for play, and just at the right time, a huge downpour at 9:05 a.m. finally dampened any hopes of play.

Association Croquet Regular Competition

On a beautiful sunny Saturday morning and a good surface for croquet, the week’s association croquet matches were canceled due to only one player in attendance (Len at 8:53 a.m.), likely due to the player uncertainty and COVID-19 fears.

Nothing could top the final weeks of Pearl Hanson’s final days of his croquet career with the Narooma Club. Pearl received a trophy in 2020 for 20 years of membership, being one of only two remaining players who were part of the club’s inaugural year in the year 2000. During his time with Narooma Croquet Club Pearl was not only a good player, but also mentored and coached many players when they got their start in croquet, some of whom are still the best players today. All the best and well made Pearl.

Members are advised that although there is a re-emergence of the risk of COVID-19 infection, the process for booking participation in croquet matches is required as follows:-

Golf Croquet – Fay O’Connor, telephone 0421 352 527 and Association Croquet – Christine Stent, telephone 4476 3506, respecting covid-19 protocols.


On Wednesday we had 40 bowlers bowling six triples rinks and one pairs rink. The winners, decided by higher score, were Rod Holman and Peter Jones (skip) who had a tight first half where they led 10-7 after 12 ends before regaining their best form to run away for a 30-12 win over Tony. Fryer and Bruce Rapkins (jump).

Second place went to Baxter Smith, Anthony Palmer and Robert Murphy (captain) who were in fine form to lead throughout a 30-13 win over Don Caldwell, Andy Thompson and Greg Riley (captain). The first idle touch went to Bruce Rapkins at 1:30 p.m., showing he had brought his deft touch into the new year.

On Saturday we had a good gathering of bowlers, some looking for their first win of the year. The winners were chosen by Lucky Rinks. First place went to Trebly Treblecock, Dennis Maggs and Garry Carberry (captain) who led 19-7 after 11 ends before Mick Cavic, Darrell Goodridge and John Scott (captain) battled hard to trail 19-25 at the end Match.

Second place went to Kevin Callaway and Dave Herman (captain) who had a very close game throughout where they were down 11-14 after 13 ends and came back strong to be all tied after 20 ends before picking up a shot in the last end for a 21-20 win over Peter Dillon and Greg Ryan (captain).

Sunday, 18 bowlers enjoyed a great day of bowling. The winners, determined by the lowest score, were Kathy South, Merrie Downie and John Downie (skip) who had a great game against Clare Cork, Julie Smith and Darrell Goodridge (skip) where they retired late in the game for a 16-9 victory.

Second place went to Garry South, Gail Palmer and Baxter Smith (skip) who slowly started to drop from zero to nine before finding their mojo and finding the line strongly for a 19-17 win over Peter Hawker, Mick Cavic and Kevin Callaway (jump).

A match played this week between Barry Goodwin and Les Waldock (skip) and Graham Cummins and Terry Lewis (skip). Graham and Terry took the leap to lead 16-9 after 11 ends and continued their fine form to win their match 28-14.

The most wasted day of all is the day we didn’t laugh. Jester weight

What a great day we had for the first day of petanque of 2022. We had a small group of ladies eager to return to friendly competition for the year.

Four triples teams played a six-end round robin against each other with scores tallied for each game. The winners, decided by the highest score, were Sue Waldock, Clare Cork and Gail Palmer (skip) who took two wins and a total of 18 shots, to a countdown of Jan Rapkins, Julie Smith and Vicki Herman ( skip), also on 18 shots but only one win. It was a fun way to start the year. Vicki Herman consoled herself by winning the raffle prize. Thanks to Rapley and Son Plaza Meats for their continued support.


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