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Date published: January 31, 2022

With some late shouting, Sam Butterworth called out “Dad’s Army” to help him through that Betfred Challenge Cup tie.

With nearly fifty years of rugby between them, Rob Kershaw and Mark Biggins have risen and they certainly haven’t let their team down.

It was a real two-half game that put the players, the coaches and the large group of traveling supporters to the test.

Mayfield looked strong and disciplined early on with Si Moore and Liam Donnelly, in particular, on his feet.

With just four minutes on the clock, the referee awarded the home side a penalty for a foul only he could see and, like all good teams, West Hull immediately took advantage, rugby fast saw them gain yards and their winger snuck in for the opener in the corner, which was converted, 6 – 0. That was really the Wests’ only bright spot in a first half that Mayfield completely dominated.

Mayfield took control and James McDaid put Jack McConnachie in the corner for a try which Zac Hartley couldn’t convert in the raging winds of Humberside, 6 – 4. Mayfield continued in the same vein by hitting the defense of Hull and it wasn’t long. before Cole Connolly pulled away to allow Dec Sheridan to put the visitors ahead, again the wind was too strong for the conversion, 6 – 8.

Sheridan and Connolly continued to run the game and their teammates enjoyed the results. Hull tried to knock Mayfield off their game, but the Rochdale side maintained their discipline.

A cynical whim from the home prop on Si Moore saw him shown a red card and Moore given ten minutes for his retaliation. Hargeaves, Biggins and Donnelly dominated their counterparts from then on and all looked good for the mighty Mayfield as Connolly slipped a pass to Reece Hamlett, who once again showed his class as he cut through the defense to extend the lead, 6 – 14.

Hull tried to stage a comeback in the last ten of the first half, but Mayfield proved too good as he fended off the attack.

With minutes to go, an excellent break from Ieuan Higgs gave his side the front foot and McDaid put it to good use as he sprinted away from potential tacklers to bolster the advantage, again the wind had it. reason for attempted conversion. , 6 – 14.

As good as Mayfield was in the first forty, they were just as bad in the second. Their game management has completely gone out the window.

They gave away the ball and unnecessary penalties time and time again, allowing Hull to camp out in the Mayfield ten for long periods; the only positive was the defense.

The effort was just phenomenal across the whole team.

Travis Holden, Kershaw, Hamlett and Lewis Butterworth had superb tackles that kept their side in front. however, it was only a matter of time, with so much possession, before a gap appeared and Hull grabbed a converted score, 12 – 18. The Hull side then had a another man out, leaving them with eleven on the field.

From the resulting penalty, Mayfield opted to run the ball rather than take the two points offered, a decision they came to regret as they lost possession late in the set. The mistakes continued and the home team kept coming. The crowd did their best to push the side to victory as time ticked away, but when Hull’s cross slipped into the corner at the final whistle, they feared the worst. 16 – 18 with the kick coming.

Collective breaths were held and hearts stopped, but this time the wind was in their favor as the kick sailed low and wide and the victory went to Mayfield. The crowd went wild and a great day for the Rochdale club continued.

Butterworth and Woods’ side had undoubtedly won a big win in Hull and there were some outstanding performances including Moore, Hamlett, Hargreaves, Sheridan and Connolly, but everyone’s choice was Liam Donnelly who shed his blood at the water.

Coach Sam Butterworth said he would like to pass on his thanks to the supporters who made the two-hour journey to Hull. He says he feels they “definitely gave the team an edge” and cheered them on in the final moments of the game when it could so easily have gone wrong.

Everyone in Mayfield is hoping for a good draw in the third round where Rochdale will have double representation. The Hornets beat the newly renamed Midlands Hurricanes 36-16 in an entertaining lunchtime draw which was shown live by BBC Sport.

When asked who they would like, Steve Wood simply replied, “Anyone at home.”

The fourth round draw will also take place in Rochdale on Tuesday evening (February 1) – when the six third round winners will be joined by the 14 Betfred Championship clubs.


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