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Date published: October 04, 2022

In their first home game of the new season, Rochdale hosted Buxton at Oulder Hill. Despite intermittent showers, Rochdale hoped to turn things around after last week.

Rochdale started with a lot of energy and determination. Bounce the ball between Hodcroft and Pickering on the right wing to get around their opponents. Buxton managed to rout them before they entered the D, but it proved that Rochdale could earn opportunities.

The first goal went to Buxton, who managed to create an overload in the D and continually kept moving to make it difficult for Rochdale to score them. It was a tactic they stuck with, and despite Rochdale adapting to shut them down – particularly Owen and Collinson down the left – it served Buxton well throughout the game to pull a few goals ahead.

No matter the score, Rochdale was not going to go down without a fight. A free-kick from McDonald found Knowles, who drove the ball upfield before Buxton had time to regroup and pass it to Burrell. A defender tried to stop Burrell but she put her stick at just the right moment to bounce the ball over all the obstacles and into the goal.

Parton proved her mettle on the left wing by shutting down any Buxton payer who tried to run her ground, and able to put the ball back to Collinson or Hodcroft when she won the tackle, allowing Rochdale to make some pushes in Buxton’s Territory, though he hasn’t always been successful.

A short corner from Buxton was well defended by Rochdale, with Collinson running to close the shot and Owen channeling as Hoyle and Moon covered the posts. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough and the ball landed in the net after hitting Moon’s hand, a valiant effort rewarded with injury.

A free kick from Owen found Hodcroft in midfield, who turned and drove the ball to the side to pass it over the line to Knowles. She ran into the D for a shot on goal, only to be blocked by the defense. In Buxton’s attempt to clear him laterally, Black jumped up to intercept, turning out of the way of a defender who wanted to relieve her of the ball.

A second tackle lost the ball to her but she dug in to win it back but was unable to get it past for Rochdale to keep possession to have another shot on goal.

The second half saw a better coordinated Rochdale, more confident in his roles on the pitch and his own abilities. They’ve always conceded goals, but now they’ve made Buxton work much, much harder for it – especially as Hoyle and Owen have formed an effective channel and wall – and it’s allowed them to break into the game more often. Buxton’s defensive line. Even during unforeseen replacements, they adapted and communicated well.

Yates was tearing up the left wing, sticking to the player she was marking and still had the energy to run into space as an option for her teammates. This allowed a free-kick from a long corner down the right to travel from McDonald via Collinson to Yates on the left to open a chance for Rochdale in the D. Unfortunately, Buxton was able to block the attempt. A short corner injection from Rochdale hit Collinson – past a dummy receiver – who passed him to where Pickering and Knowles were running. Rochdale couldn’t score, but they won an instant second short corner. This time, Hodcroft took the high shot from goalie D. Buxton, but Rochdale was set for the rebound, digging in to collect the ball before McDonald could secure it on the line.

Richardson provided welcome relief as a forward sub, intercepting several passes and tackling to keep Buxton on the defensive. Such a tackle was returned to McDonald who passed it on to Hodcroft. She rounded the opposition to the D and fired. Buxton’s keeper saved it and Yates sprinted for the rebound, turning and hitting it towards his teammates high on the D, but Buxton was able to intercept and clear it.

The final score was 2-5, with Rochdale scorers Burrell and McDonald. The player of the match was Arabella Yates.

Captain Collinson said: “It’s not the result we wanted but every week we’re narrowing the score line. Well done to the ladies who scored and to all the ladies who put in 110% – as they do every game.”

The Rochdale team for this week:
Guardian; Sam Partington.
Defense; Dionne Collinson, Claire Hoyle, Gill Owen and Hannah Palmer.
Midfielder ; Gemma Hodcroft, Paula McDonald, Roisin Pickering and Arabella Yates.
Forwards; Katie Burrell and Becky Knowles.
Subs: Lily Black, Rachael Richardson & Becki Moon


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