NRA Action Pistol: 2022 Colorado State Championships


You never know what you’re going to get when you watch an Action Pistol match. Weather conditions can be rainy, cold, windy or near perfect. At this year’s Colorado State Action Pistol Championships, held at the Boulder Rifle Club in Boulder County, Colorado, competitors not only took advantage of the good weather, but also better shots.

Competitors at the Boulder Rifle Club for the 2022 Colorado State Action Pistol Championships.

Smart planning

As competitive shooters, we know that sometimes you have to juggle and balance work, family, school, and more just to get through your day. When you add the NRA Action Pistol competition to the mix, it can get absolutely crazy. Last year, Colorado State Action Pistol Championship game staff devised a shooting schedule that split days and competition, so people could arrive when they wanted and shoot with plenty of time for other things. .

To begin with, each day was divided into a morning shift and an afternoon shift. Each squad could have up to 12 people. Then the staff split the teams into two. One bay had the Barricade and Practice events, while the other included the Falling Plates and the Unsupported Standard.

NRA Action Pistol

Here, Alex Ragulsky is running the clock while Dave Wood is spinning practice.

Perhaps best of all, the match staff were able to get things done without needing to rush. The largest team in the 2022 Colorado State Action Pistol Championships consisted of four competitors, with all four completing all four events in an hour and a half.

Boulder, Colorado, NRA Action Pistol Competitors

2022 Colorado State Championship competitors gather for a group photo on the Barricade course (L to R): Jim Flagg, Scott Stewart, Dennis Bashline, Alex Ragulsky, Walt Johnson (and son), Bill Ragulsky , Glenn Ashton, Tim Wright and David Wood.

Colorado Action Pistol

The title of top shooter at this year’s Colorado State Action Pistol Championships – best of the best – belonged to Walter Johnson, who posted an 1839-149X score in the Open Centerfire Division.

Rocking revolver

Andy Rayland competing with his revolver in the practical test. Rayland is the match director for the Steamboat Challenge Wyoming State NRA Action Pistol Championship.

There were approximately 25 competitors firing approximately 41 different guns at the 2022 Colorado State Action Pistol Championships. As for cost, the base match fee was $50, with the second gun at 25 $ and all subsequent pistols at a reduced price of $15. In this metro area, you can’t train for less than $15, so this was a solid way to get our people out and shooting.

Everyone had a great time at the game this year, and there were more than a few surprises at the finish. And, there are many more pictures, but there is not much space. That being said, there is still a lot to do, and we will do it, to make next year even better. In 2023, come join us in Colorado for the great NRA Action Pistol competition.

Mark action gun targets

Vickie Deppe and Jim Flagg score targets at the 2022 Colorado State Action Pistol Championships in Boulder, Colorado.

2022 Colorado State Action Pistol Championships Rankings

  1. Walter Johnson, 1839-149X (Open Centerfire)
  2. Alex Ragulsky, 1834-122X (Open Centerfire)
  3. Steve Knoll, 1828-131X (open rimfire)

Below are the complete results for the 2022 Colorado State Action Pistol Championships.

2022 Colorado NRA Action Pistol Championship Results

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