New: Safariland MultiCam Tropic Pattern Equipment


Safariland recently announced a line of limited edition products featuring the MultiCam Tropic camouflage pattern.

Developed to effectively reduce the visual and near-infrared signature of a person operating in areas of lush vegetation, MultiCam Tropic remains relatively unaffected by seasonal changes.

The MultiCam Tropic palette overlaps parts of the main MultiCam pattern. Customers can pair MultiCam gear with Tropic holsters and the Liberator HP helmet for a coordinated concealment system. Safariland’s online exclusive range includes two holster offerings, the 6304 RDS-ALS/SLS holster with QLS 19 locking fork and the 6354 RDS-ALS holster with QLS 19 locking fork, available in 1/4″ fits. popular firearms.

The Liberator HP headset provides hearing protection and delivers clear sound in a durable, scratch-resistant housing and slim ear cups. The wearer is protected, while advanced sound localization provides maximum situational awareness and sound detection.

The 6304 RDS-ALS/SLS holster is designed for firearms with red dot optics, featuring the automatic locking system that secures the firearm once in the holster, changing to a simple straight pull once release disabled. It also includes the auto-lock system, which allows for a smoother pull in one motion while providing better protection against attempted pull-outs. This case features a suede lining and SafariLaminate construction for protection. Along with the benefits of the MultiCam Tropic pattern, the case further reduces infrared signature with its nylon finish.

As for the RDS-ALS 6354 holster with QLS 19 locking fork, it is also designed for firearms with red dot optics and features the automatic locking system to provide security when the weapon is holstered. An open-top design with an optional optic hood cover allows for quick firearm retrieval, resulting in a direct fire once the ALS feature is disabled. Quick-lock system allows free choice of where equipment is attached and can be quickly transferred from areas such as the belt loop, leg wrap, etc., without the use of tools . Suede interior lining and durable SafariLaminate construction provide additional protection for the firearm. This case also has the Cordura nylon wrap, reducing the infrared signature of the wearer.

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