Derrick Mein wins the HOA 400 Federal Cup


Federal Team Competitive Shooter Derrick Mein is the 2022 HOA Federal Cup 400 Sporting Clays Champion. June.

Federal served as the title sponsor of the tournament, which included a 200-target Main Event, as well as 100-target FITASC, 50-target Five-Stand, and 50-target Super Sport events.

Mein earned first place overall with 178. Taking first place in the Main Event and the Super Sport event, he was also a Five-Stand runner-up and fifth in FITASC. There were 178 competitors in the Main Event.

He praised his ammunition. “The difficulty of the targets put an extra need for confidence in my ammunition,” Mein said. “The Federal HOA and Gold Medal Papers were up to the task of providing solid, consistent breaks even on the longest targets, allowing me to focus on the shot on target.”

Team Federal’s Gregg Wolf also had an impressive performance in the 2022 Federal HOA Cup 400, finishing third overall and fourth in the Main Event.

“Mein and Wolf were definitely two of the best shooters of the weekend,” Federal vice president of marketing Jason Nash said. “It’s amazing to see shooters in the Master class shoot so well with our products. HOA is great ammunition, and this event highlighted its winning abilities. We congratulate the federal team on these accomplishments and look forward to seeing more success in upcoming games throughout the summer.

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