Content Author BGMI Maxtern Quites the sport


Sagar Maxtern Thakur is probably the most successful BGMI content creator in the gaming industry in India. He started working on YouTube for PUBG Cell in 2018 and has now taken his name as a distinctive feature of his comedy content. Then again, after PUBG Cells was banned and BGMI was released on June 20, 2021, he decided to switch to BGMI. The author made sure not too long ago that he would leave BGMI indefinitely and sell much of his content from October 1 through the end of 2022.

Maxtern started his YouTube-based adventure with PUBG Cell, but was already trending in the gaming team to participate in the Mini Defense force Doodle Military 2, a rival of talisman makers like Naman Mortal Mathur, Aniket KingAnBru Sood, and more. In January 2017, he handed over the Ministry of Defense and launched a YouTube channel in September 2017.

Maxtern obliterates BGMI to continue surrendering.

The most wanted author has released a community post on Youtube stating that he is determined to leave BGMI without question. This announcement shocked the BGMI team as it came out of nowhere. He also said he had been considering quitting the sport for two years, but didn’t have the courage to do so. Despite his gratitude, he added that the PUBG cell was the reason for his luck and the sport made him a better person in every way. He goes on to state that quitting BGMI is probably one of the riskiest choices he has made in his lifestyle and explains that he has a child who is bored playing sports. In the end, he said he was going to completely exchange his content from the beginning of October 2022.


Hi everyone, I have decided to lose BGMI to no end.

I have been anxious for two years, but at no price was given this bravery.

PUBG Cell is the reason I am, who I am, I am.

I made myself more unique, since I pushed this sport a little further.

The very first of my life is to take the most important advantage.

or I should say, I’m sick of the BGMI (so you are?)

In 2022, I can prevent my hardware from entering the market for all the same products.




There has been an argument that despite the fact that his occupation may be unstable, he will be told that he has failed.

It’s not a Shaggy dog ​​story – it’s not my choice, I did the same thing with the Defense and everyone had the right to say it was a bad choice.

Imagine me: failing without trying is a shame.

Whether my profession is up or down, most of my work is going to be trying.

Even though the block was about two months old, Krafton no longer released BGMI status. Not too long ago, MeitY showed that esports was considered a “blocker” in Phase 69A of the IT Act of 2000. Rushindra Sinha, Founder and CEO of International Esports, said he believed that the game would not return.



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