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And so I left. From the University of South Carolina Upstate and Spartanburg (SC) Herald Journal to The Star so far, I hadn’t worked a real job for almost 15 years until I recently started my full-time job on weekend / night to supplement my salary here. A “real job” is not paid to watch sport in a press gallery. This is a dream. I learned this when I met my beautiful and remarkable wife in August 2016. I knew you couldn’t have both in this profession – family and this job – but we managed to make it work for over three years. Then COVID-19 hit a month after we found out my wife was pregnant. Since then, she no longer has a job to take care of the baby.

COLUMN: Thank you for a good dozen years | Sports News His 9 year old son, who I also call my son now, doesn’t have enough time to play with Dad. I don’t see the bride and the baby as much as I would like either. Or get enough sleep or eat. I haven’t had a full day off since October 19th. I cannot give the newspaper the time that I used to have or that you as readers deserve.

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