Browning Ammunition Unveils Redesigned Website


Browning Ammunition announced the launch of its newly redesigned website last week.

The company described its digital property as a “primary destination for hunters and sport shooters around the world interested in the full line of Browning ammunition products.”

A quick visit to the redesigned site provided a user-friendly experience, taking only seconds to find ammunition information for long-range rifle shooting.

One of the first things long-time visitors to the site will notice in the redesigned version is the larger, more vivid imagery depicting the Browning Ammunition lifestyle. Additionally, premium ammo deals are highlighted. Products such as the new Silver Series and Long Range Pro Hunter rifle ammunition for big game, Wicked Blend cartridges for waterfowl, TTS Turkey loads and more will be featured at key times throughout the year.

The new Browning Ammo website gives users a streamlined and accessible navigation experience to choose the products they want, find a shooting range or retailer, and connect with the Browning brand.

Customers can also easily search for products that meet their needs using their mobile devices.

“We understand our customers’ shopping habits and the ammunition category can be very easy to navigate with a good digital experience,” said Matt Campbell, vice president of sales and marketing. “The new website provides a simple and beneficial experience for people who want to learn more about our products and then find the best location to make the purchase.”

Learn more and check out the redesigned website at


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