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One of the NRA’s most cherished competitive traditions is Team Goodwill Randle, an all-female small-bore rifle team that accompanies Team USA Pershing (or Team Roberts in England) to the venue of the match, which rotates from the United States and the United Kingdom every four years. The 2022 Goodwill Randle Team Match will take place on August 3 at Camp Atterbury during the NRA Smallbore Prone National Championships.

Similar to the Roberts and Pershing Trophy Matches, the Goodwill Randle Match is drawn neck and neck. The members of the team give their time and their money to make this institution whose history goes back more than 20 years last.

In the previous Goodwill Randle Match, drawn in 2017 at Bisley Camp in England, the United States beat the British, 2304-2289, giving the United States back-to-back series wins. The United States currently has a one-win series advantage with Great Britain, 3-2.

More from the late shooting sports historian, Hap Rocketto: “The Goodwill Randle Match is held and conducted in the United States every eight years in conjunction with the shooting of the Pershing Match. The Goodwill Randle Match may be held every eight years in England in conjunction with the Roberts Match shooting as desired by the National Small-Bore Rifle Association of Great Britain.

There are some differences between the Goodwill Randle Match Customs and the Official Randle Rules. As a postal match, Randle competition is shot on NRA targets, while in-person Goodwill matches use metric British targets in the UK and conventional American targets in the US.

From the start, the Goodwill Randle Match has promoted friendship between the respective shooting sport communities of Great Britain and the United States. During each competition, the women of the host country organize a reception with the women of the visiting country. This post-game event is highlighted by fine dining, as well as the exchange of gifts.

Goodwill Randle Team 2022

The NRA encourages all women to join their shooting sisters in celebrating this small-bore rifle tradition on August 3 at Camp Atterbury during the 2022 NRA National Matches.

Team Goodwill Randle is chosen by adding the score drawn to make Team Randle (aka the Metallic Sight Aggregate) to the score drawn on Team Randle. The top six shooters will form the Goodwill Randle team. This year there will be six competitors in each country’s team as the British are bringing six ladies to Camp Atterbury. One difference between Randle and Goodwill Randle – for the latter, team members can select male coaches.

This year’s Goodwill Randle team features veteran talent at the helm. Team captain Lenore Lemanski has appeared on Team Randle 30 times, and joining her this summer at Camp Atterbury will be team coach Barbara Hampson, who is making her 15th appearance on Team Randle and is also a former National Guard shooter. Goodwill Randle team officials are selected by the NRA Smallbore Rifle Committee, much like the method used for US Randle Postal Match team selection.

For more information on how to try out for the 2022 Goodwill Randle Team at the National Smallbore Prone Championships, please contact NRA Smallbore Committee Chair Patti Clark via email at [email protected]. To find out more about the 2022 NRA National Matches at Camp Atterbury and to register, go to this link.


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