Zlin and Slovácko football players have the same goal: to stop the fall

“It’s a duel that needs to be mastered. The opponent is comparable to us, “said Slovakian coach Svatopluk Habanec in front of the home match against Bohemians 1905.

Before the break, Slovácko ran in second place, but two defeats knocked him to the eighth place. In a week, he is waiting for the current leader of the competition – Sparta Prague – for a reason to beat the last penultimate team of the competition. “But I would be more confident in the races if we did not have so many injuries,” said Habanec, who has long been deprived of experienced Kaloudu’s midfielder with Valentina and Koné’s summer offensive.

After the three-week bullfight match, Missing a disciplined punished Forvard Blacksmith.And in the week, the shield midfielder Danicek was injured in the week, but after months of trouble with his back, Šumulikoski might even play instead.

“We are dealing with his condition from day to day. They are among those who are at least seventy percent ready, “Habance said, not fitting any other players. “We are betting a lot on the young, but the experience on the pitch is also needed,” Habanec said. He was relying on Šumulikosky. After the first home loss from Slavia, Zlin dropped to fifth place and lost points to pursue in the Moravian derby in Olomouc.

“I believe we are a lot stronger than in the spring,” Zlín, coach Bohumil Páník, returned to Haná on May 2nd.Olomouc achieved this result in practice, and in the aftermath euphoria her coach and coach Kalvoda promised that they will be in the finals as well as Zlin. However, they did not make a comeback among the elite, and on the contrary – they remember it well in Zlín, even though Paník refuses it.

“I will have great motivation, not only because of it,” said the forward Tomáš Poznar . “There is our former director and coach Laďa Minar. I already felt that it was a spring game for him in Olomouc. “

Sigma now slamming the points even more powerfully than in the spring, before the newcomers are crouching with a single victory in thirteenth position. >