They wanted to shoot more. So Kovacic arranged the Comet for victory

A reliable backpacker was on the front, a balanced duel with two accurate missiles. “I can not even remember when I hit twice in one match,” said a 35-year-old after the match, which eventually cometted 4: 2. Energybet free sports bet

However, Brnans had a long way to go.

The way to the needed points was thorny, Energie did not want to give skin free of charge. When the Brňany scored a goal, the West Bohemians immediately settled. “We have won big defeats in defense,” Brno coach Alois Hadamczik was angry.

His counterpart Karel Mlejnek could have been happy for a long time.After two-thirds, DRFG Arena scored a 2-2 draw in the score. “Forty minutes we were on the move, but we knew the third part would be one mistake,” the coach said.

His fears were filled. First, the German played in the power play, the final blow then set the guests in a balanced number of players on ice Kováčik. For the Slovak defender it was already another hit in the match, the first time he was rejoicing in the second period. Both of his goals fell from the space between the circle and the blue line. “There is his greatest strength,” Coach Hadamczik knew.

The frogs on Friday evening filled the stuff they wanted in Kometa for long time. “They always told me to shoot more.I’m glad that it fell down today, “commented his feather fighter, who gave the same number of goals for the last season.

“Sometimes a man is upstairs, sometimes he shoots twice. Otherwise, I have to acknowledge myself that it was not bad for me on the ice this time, “he shrugged his shoulders after the winning.

The joy of three points in Brno mixed with the consciousness of the loss of Leoš Čermák. The captain of the South Moravians was injured and had to withdraw from his jubilee 250th match for Kometa. “It was not my game, but I’m glad we won,” said the player who celebrated the anniversary in the first round when he joined to your 600th.duel in extralize.

“One realizes that he is a little older. I would like to Energybet bets online add some matches, “the 37-year-old promised. “But it will depend on health and performance,” he added.

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