The winning draw Piestany finished: Skalica duel turned in the last third

PIEŠŤANY – In the first few minutes of the game, Lusnak had two chances, but Romančík did not stop in the visitors’ goal. In the next few minutes, the game was squeezed by frequent exclusion. At the 10th minute, the guest Shakedown did not close close to Tomek twice. In the 12th minute, Lušňák had a chance to lose Lušňák without a goal effect.

In the 24th minute, he had a great chance to open the Stieler score, but he made a good chance of a home goal. A minute later he attacked dangerous home Melichárek, but his hard shot Romančík sent off the goal. In the 28th minute, the home team scored the lead when Bartánus processed a big puck, pushed ahead of the Skalice goal and opened the score 1-0 through the ice next to the goalkeeper.A minute later, the hosts created a shot in front of the home goal but could not cope. Domestic “ravens” could increase lead in the 31st minute, but Bartanus did not change the penalty shot. In the 35th minute alone, the scarf between the circles fired hard, but only to home Tomek.

for throwing, but best online betting sites offers Romančík shot his shot. He also scored well in the 43rd minute after Saliji’s betting account offers strike. In the 46th minute, Tomek held up a chance to win Lava with his left hand. In the 51st minute, the home defensive made a mistake, leaving the free Kuhl to the left, and he compared the concrete to Tomek. The home was nervous and in the 53rd minute in the weakness badly threw the puck, which got Lažo and bekhendom sent guests to the lead 1: 2.The home team tried to make a match when they called the goalkeeper Tomek before the end, but he was mad.

Milan Klement, coach Piešťan: “The meeting is very difficult to judge. 1: 0 and we wanted to play a nice hockey, but we did not use two penalties and a few powerups, the result being the same. “

Squad, Coach Skalice: “We wanted to keep the midfield and be attentive in the defense, so we managed to score until the third goal, we made smaller changes and we managed to turn the match. including the goalkeeper. ”

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