The Twentieth had a great result: Canada turned in the last few minutes

MALMÖ – Slovak hockey players under 20 have had another surprise in the current World Championships in Malmö by 20 years, when they have fought for a long time in favor of the Canadians in the basic A group, but they have lost 3: 5.

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  •  Joy of Canada Ice Hockey Players  Charles Hudon and Martin Kečkeš  David Grieger and Milan Kolena
  •  Anthony Mantha rejoices from the second goal

  • headed by Samuel Baros. They were relegated to the game with three goals. Slovakia has not won Canada at the junior world championship. Both teams met at the top event of the players up to 20 years ninety times, so far the only point scored by the Slovaks on December 27, 1998 for a draw 0: 0.

    The three goals of the Slovak selection took on the first attack on Monday. David Grieger twice championed Martin Réway once.The Slovaks led in the 1: 0 and 3: 1 matches, three times they shot the construction of the goal, but the points were not enough. Canadians – Slovakia 5: 3 (1: 1, 1: 2, 3: 0)
    Goals: 19. Lazar (Mantha, Petan), 37. Mantha (A. Ekblad, J. Drouin), 55. J. Drouin (Mantha), 58. Petan (Mantha, Pouliot) (Predajniansky, Réway), 28. Réway (Gríger, Kolena), 33. Grieger (Réway, Kolena)
    Zrušení: 6: 5 za 2 min, : 0: 0, decided by: Hradil (Czech Republic), Romasko (Russia) – Kowert (DE), Metaľnikov (Russia), 2558 viewers. Fucale – Ekblad, Pouliot, Pelech, Dumba, Bigras, Morrissey – Hudon, J.Drouin, Mantha – Horvat, Leier, Reinhart – Rychel, Petan, Lazar – Laughton, Gauthier, Anderson – McDavid

    Slovakia: Baroš – Luža, Predajniansky, Rusín, Gachulinec, Valjent, Černák, Kečkeš, Dinda – Kolena, Réway, Gríger – Lunter, M. Daňo, Cehlárik – Minárik, Horanský, Mlynčár – Šimun, Tibenský, Skalický
    < > In the tenth second, Drouin played hard in the head of Rwaya and the Slovaks were given the chance to play the game. After 100 seconds of the game, Dávid Gríger opened the score, turning the right-hand circle into an inaccurate shot of the Predajniansky shot in the net. The Slovaks played actively and threatened Fucal. In the 5th minute Rheway kicked, in the 10th minute, Dumbu found himself in front of Canadian goalkeeper Horanský, who chose an unsuccessful shot.The Canadians gradually added to the defense of the goal and improved the transition to the assault zone. Gradually, they made more chances. In the 19th minute, Lazar scored the best shot at the goal of the Slovak Republic “20” and the Manthu scored the same shot.

    The Slovaks survived weakening at the beginning of the second twenty minute. Ernest Bokrosa’s play was excellent on the defensive and had a dangerous counterattack. Players have seen great self-confidence and belief in their abilities. The Canadians started committing fouls, and the Slovaks were punishing them. In the 28th minute Martin Réway pushed forward, five minutes later after the unsuccessful two-player lead, Grieger scored the second time in the match. The Canadians stayed behind, but returned to the match at 37.min when Mantha was pushed up close to 2: 3.

    Young Slovak hockey players did not take advantage of the game at the start of the third twenty-minute game and then defend themselves against the great Canadian pressure. Thanks to the sacrificing game and the excellent Baroš, they have been able to defy the favorite for a long time. Canadians increased the pace and tried to settle. In the 55th minute, Mantha found himself behind the gap between Jonathan Drouin’s uncovered circles and he compared it. On the opposite side, Grieger struck the Canadian sanctuary. In the 58th minute, Petan got enough time and space to beat Baroš – 4: 3.Slovakia’s coach Ernest Bokroš has decided 100 seconds before the end of regular time to power-play, but in the game without goalkeeper he has scored the fifth Canadian goal Petan.

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