The palace assisted with the win and Tampa Bay was a step from the Stanley Cup final

In the fourth match between the Rangers and Tampou Bay , Henrik Lundqvist has greatly increased his team’s profits.

After two six-gallop races, 38 interventions flashed and contributed significantly to New York’s 5-1 victory. Similarly, the goalman in the opponents’ camp went through a similar revival. Five times in each of the last two games, Ben Bishop, who had lost his time in the 5th duel.

The Lightning Light has stood a moment of pre-match rampage when it was accidentally shot by Nikita Nestěrov in an unprotected place and then destroyed all 26 rangers of the home Rangers.Bishop defended his second clean account in this year’s play-off and, together with team captain Steven Stamkos (1 + 1), was a key figure at a 2-0 win over Tampu’s only step from the Stanley Cup final.

In the first third the goal did not fall. The caution of both teams was illustrated by the statistics of the last nine minutes Energybet bet sports of the given game, when both missiles did not score a single shot. At the beginning of the second twenty minute shot was captain Steven Stamkos, who, on the big occasion after the defeat of defender Keith Yandl, let Henrik Lundqvista stand out with a catcher.

Subsequently, the Bishop referred to the New York attackers Derek Stepan and Rick Nash. Waiting for the opening goal broke the 34th minute, in which Valtteri Filppula came in between the circles.At the end of the second third, Tampa played the power and productive Ondřej Palat found a great pass in front of the exposed cage lurking Stamkose – 0: 2. In the third period, Bishop eliminated Dominic Moore’s 2-1 lead shot and counseled The final pressure of the Rangers with six players in the field. Tampa in the position of the most offensive team of this year’s base played great in defense when the home only allowed 26 shots (another 24 wounds blocked the players in front of Bishop). Assists in the second treff with Palat (20:38, +/-) -: 0, 1 shot) improved to 14 points (6 + 8) from 18 starts and includes the overall eighth relay of NHL play-off productivity. The leading position is his partner from the Tyler Johnson attack with 18 entries Energybet sport betting (12 + 6).The winner of the Tampa jersey was also celebrated by the second Czech player, defender Andrej Šustr (18:31, +/-: 0, 1 shot).

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