The man who changed Slavia. Tvrdík brought some of the politics to football

Unhurried hurricane with infinite Chinese millions in his back. Jaroslav Tvrdík, the boss of Slavia in Prague, rushed into Czech football with his own power. He brought the turn to the gate, the spectacular plans, the shattering statements and practices he had learned in high politics. Maybe it would “look great on the outside”. The football environment is often inclined to be a strong player on the scene. The red-and-white story has so far described Jaroslav Tvrdík’s previous known activities, whether in politics or in the position of CSA boss. Dazzling start with fanfare and great expectations. That it can fall anyway, it’s different – but nobody is betting that it has a crucial part in saving Slavia.

“Slavia is a heartbeat.I wish she only won, I’m very proud of her, “he says of himself.

The wish has begun to be fulfilled. Second place after autumn and Tvrdík’s naturel set a clear goal ahead of the club: the title. The fans talk about it, the pleasure of success for the years, the players, and even the coached coach Jaroslav Šilhavý. Either he really believes in himself, or he has also let himself be polluted by the environment from which he has poignancy, self-esteem and euphoria.

Only one ruler

For those who have a different view, Such a gear instead. The former 40% shareholder Jiří Šimáň, who coined a slower and more modest way, was convinced of this.After two postponed resignations, he left his post last April but he did not suspect that Tvrdík and his people had begun to circumvent him, in addition to differing opinions about strengthening or overall development.

The detonation was to organize a youth tournament with Chinese participation fully under their direction And also that Tvrdík declared for the first time the irreversibility of the then coach Dušan Uhrin the younger (it was not the first time or the last time that he could even surprise his closest neighborhood by some statement). Two such prominent personalities could not work. It was not a black and white story, a duel of good with evil. However, it was obvious that the primordial endeavor of the ever-widening contradictions was to masquerade. And also the ease with which the fans of Slavia accepted that only one can rule everyone.Tvrdík.

The tall man with a mustache won the fans even though he came with the rumor of an uneconomic policy. He knew how important fanfare he was. He does not hesitate to come between them and personally debate in the late hours of the night, he calls himself Jaroslave, communicates uniquely via Twitter, emphasizes his fervent heart, mobilizes against “enemies.” He gained points for vetoing the arrival of Tomas Pekhart , Which fell into disfavor. Or, for allegedly avoiding the arrival of manager Ivan Horník. In addition, Slavia is well-cared for supporters, preparing a great deal of fun for them.For example, Tvrdík recently hosted a dinner for members of the Area 114 fan club in the exclusive premises of the former Zivnobanka. “Since we have a new leadership in Slavia, we have a very good relationship with the club,” he said for, the legendary Tribes North nicknamed Krasoň, with the majority of Tvrdík’s rocks recognizing.

Only multiplied when in May 2016 Martin Krob, the chairman of the Slavia Friends’ Association, sat down in the chair. The former head of Mitsubishi Motors’ Czech and Slovak republic is very confident. Undeniable and uncomfortable

The start of the new era of Slavie was the most visible in the buy of reinforcements, which the fans excited and many of them really did.In December 2015, the CEFC received a grant of € 3.5 million (about 95 million for Czech) and was running. The torture, however, kept what he had repeatedly proclaimed – that he was not a football expert. He guaranteed “only” tremendous possibilities. “He was once at the sports council. He welcomed us all and then did not interfere with the debate. He just emphasized that we are experts, not him, he does not know much about football, “remembers Jakub Dovalil, a member of the former sports council.

That differs significantly from Daniel Křetínský, owner of Sparta, who He is very interested in the theoretical aspect of football. “We were discussing players who could help the cadre. Tvrdik just listened. He worked modestly and discreetly.In conclusion, he thanked us for the work and told us that he would pass on our opinions to the board of directors, “adds Dovalil.

This is, by the way, one Tvrdíkova face: a pleasant companion who can get people and show them weighs. However, if someone dislikes, it can be very unpleasant. Similarly, periods of frenzied activity and communication with longer pauses or strategic planning with a solution of malicherness alternate with him. If Tvrdík gave someone a really good idea of ​​how important he was when he arrived, it was Dušan Švento. His name evoked a touch of famous times and two titles. However, his performance has fallen, he has been through health problems, and he was against Uhrin.Still, Šventa’s fame welcomed with open arms as a lost son, and for a short time he became the best paid player in the squad.

The most expensive purchase was still specific – Gina van Kessel’s transfer from Trenčín. It speaks for up to 43 million crowns, when Slavia has been “hired” by Sparta’s competitive interest. In this case, supposedly playing an important role was to show off a show for the fans, even if it did not work well.

Tvrdíko is honored to not push the Dutchman into the match. He is now advising that if spring travel in Lechia Gdansk in Poland changes to a transfer, the money will be returned to Slavia.

Tvrdík does not participate in the transfer negotiations himself, he relies in full on the director Kroba. Highest remains on the phone if consultation is needed.It is rumored that Slavia is available for consultation by three independent scouts, including Jan Řička, former sports director of the red and white clubs.

Respondent speculation

Slavia also thanks to the arrival of Jan Sýkora from Liberec Million crowns plus 5 possible bonuses) has become the largest player on the transfer market. But her boss, especially lately, has been trying hard to prevent the impression that he is spreading money.

He is hard to define against transfer speculation and information that does not originate directly from Slavia. It was marked by Vukadin Vukadinovich from Zlin, for which, according to the boss, the Prague club certainly did not offer more than 15 million crowns including bonuses.It was Zlin’s rejection that was supposed to be very hard in Eden, and they responded sharply with the arrival of Stanislav Teclo from Jablonec. And again, in the bowls, they are talking about a higher limit. Especially when on the other side stood an eager merchant Miroslav Pelta. “It was a good transfer, I did not do any other. There is no love in that, the Chinese millions persuaded me. I’m happy with the prize, but I do not want to publish it, “says the owner of Jablonec and the head of the FAČR.

By the way, this change was also” politically “, before the red soccer elections, came a new power that vigorously promotes its interests .

Another significant cost item is the cost of player wages. The possibilities of Slavia were also surprised by the foreign reinforcements.On the other hand, there are big differences between the players and the spiral spiral between Sparta and Pilsen.

Škoda for 900 thousand

The most striking Tvrdík directly saved the shooter Milan Škoda. When he did not secure his engagement in China in the summer, the cannon received some 15 million as a painful bonus, which he described as nonsense. According to trusted information, however, the monthly fee is 900 thousand crowns plus 150 thousand for each goal or assistance. In addition, Tvrdík gave him a remarkable promise: in the future he can leave anywhere for free. “He has been very fair to me,” Škoda said resolutely.On the other hand, and for comparison, such money comes from, for example, Pilsen David Limbersky.

Antonín Barák, if there was no transfer to Udine, then the boss was ready to offer “comfort” 800,000 a month. Partly perhaps because Barak was hard to bear when Tvrdík first announced on Twitter that Slavia did not sell him to Italy.

The millions Tvrdík is spinning in Slavia is born in China. The former politician used his economic boom and interest in foreign expansion and became the CEFC’s agent for Europe. In a large country, he has also gained rhetorical abilities because the Chinese are based on long courtesy speeches.This is good, because it overcomes fatigue, restoring strength, and takes a full amount of sleep for a few hours. “His experience in politics is very good in China, he can act formally, and that’s where he is valued,” said Forbes magazine Patrik Tkáč, co-owner of J & amp; T Finance Group, to which the CEFC entered.

The group is a hard core, but it also means dependency. Changes in China’s position may also curb foreign investment. That would also be a major threat to the club. It would also be unpleasant if there were complications in the cooperation of Pavel Nedved with the Chinese Superliga, which Tvrdík and CEFC are contractually guaranteeing.It is the object of the highest state interest. Czech and Chinese.

So far, however, Tvrdík has been very successful, and Tvrdík counts almost the same. The eventual title would be a perfect stamp on the first purely Chinese Slavie season. Eden would have arrived another portion of self-confidence, already for some partners in a soccer environment exhausted, aggressive.

Whatever the brilliant succession, or vice versa, one is certain: it will be great.