The Czech tennis player was not enough. Hlaváčková took Serena W only five games

Hlaváčková has just started against the 33-year-old American only on the US Open 2012, with home win Serena Williams 6: 0, 6: 0. These two canaries wanted a 28-year-old Czech on Roland Garros to make a mistake and a little bit of a favor.

“Of course, it’s hard to play against Serena in the first round on such a big court and in today’s form. It was hard to think about winning. So, by the end of my three aces, I smiled. You have to be able to enjoy the legend and enjoy the legend, “explained Hlavatic feelings after a match in which he did not receive such an award this time.

But after eight minutes of play, it looked like another debacle. However, Hlavacek rose slightly to 0: 3.Serena Williams may have chuckled the moment she was back for the lob and the ball fell on her.

The legendary tennis player laughed sincerely at his own kic.

In a moment, the smile on the face of the blonde Czechs was getting the first point. Hlaváčková even took the lost game back but gave the next game a clean game. The precise wounds of muscular Americans have often failed. But the other set was quick, Serena W got back into the lead by three gamblers, and now she did not allow even the slightest complications.

The favorite of the match and the winner of 19 grandslam tournaments a little annoyed perhaps by service.In the seventh gamble, Hlaváčková played three aces, but only adjusted the final score.

The Williams match was good for the game.

The first round did not manage one of the big fours in a career once (Roland Garros 2012 was home to Virginia Razzano).Hlaváčková win over the 58th Grand Slam success at the beginning.

“I felt good, I defended all points, so it’s good,” he smiled the American winner of that injury checked out of the tournament in Rome. “I’m really happy that I can play there and hold the elbow, although it is still not foolproof.”

Serena Williamsová has identified a news conference in Paris his second home. “I love it here,” she said.

A short but handsome duel closed Tuesday’s events at Chatrierově court. Program coincidentally opened Czech number one Petra Kvitová, scored her win and other results of Czechs read HERE.