The comet reports great support, Tomáš Kaberle will play in Brno

Kaberle comes from the famous Kladno ice hockey family and is the kidnapper of Poldi’s local club. He just started with the extraliga, in 1998 he left for the NHL, he was playing the season for the 2004/05 season, and he worked here after returning from overseas.

Kladno fell to the 1st league Kaberle, who previously did not hit New Jersey in the camp, even played part of the season and play-off. He previously rested in Toronto where he lived with a Canadian partner. But the Central Bohemian team was not back in the Czech elite and Kaberle still wants to play the highest competition at the age of 37.

“Now I move to my family with my whole family,” he told the Rondo press conference on Monday. / P>

The famous veteran signed an agreement with Kometa on Monday.He is heading for coach Alois Hadamczik, who has very good relationships with the whole family of ice hockey (except for Tomas Kaberle and his father František and his older brother Frantisek).

“I do not think I have to represent the name of Kaberle. I am very glad that Kometa managed to bring such an experienced beka, “said Hadamczik, who has recently become the new head coach of the Brno team.” I believe that Tomáš will be the leading figure of the cabin and that the Energybet sport betting team will give the experience, “Said the former coach. “I have known Tomas for a long time, we worked together in a representation. Players like him would want every club. He is a creative defender, his strong point is the power games.Tomas did not come to Brno to build a career but because he wanted to do something. “Kaberle played 984 matches in the NHL for Toronto, Boston, Carolina and Montreal. In 2011 he won the Bruins Stanley Cup. He has a gold medal at the 2005 championship in Vienna, and he has won bronze at Hadminczik at the 2006 Olympics.

The comet, the club with the largest support of ice hockey fans in the Czech Republic, has been the most powerful team in the last years. In 2012 and 2014 she played the finals, this year she fell in the semifinals with a later champion Litvinov.

“The playoff was missing in Brno,” said Kaberle. “I believe it will succeed next season.”

The comet will head for the weekend to the High Tatras on Monday.Without Kaberle, who joins the team at the end of July in preparation for the ice.

The Brno club is negotiating a new contract with another veteran, the attacker Petr Ton. “I’m interested in him and Petr is interested in playing in Energybet free online betting Brno. Now it’s about negotiations between the leadership and Peter, if there is an agreement, “Hadamczik pointed out. “I believe Petr will stay. Then we should have the cadre essentially closed. “

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