The acting champion continues with insignificant performances: Zvolen also succumbed to Martin

ZVOLEN – The match was marked by the defeat of Šúrek in the 14th second, when Jurasek missed a random puff for himself and scored 1-0 in front of an empty goal. The volunteers were active on the sticks and wanted to sniff at the opponent. However, he made an unpleasant counterattack.

The Martincans played in the 13th power play, but they were able to cash in on it. After Smrek’s failure, he did not use the solo of the Podkonický and leaky Škvarid, which he was shut down before the goalman from Turca Važan. In the 17th minute, the home team got into the two-goal lead when P.Zuzin’s pass from the right side of the mantinel used the exact shot between the rings again Brabenec.

At the start of the second half of the game, Michal Chovan was able to check the game.The Martincans, however, nicely motivated themselves in the dressing room and threatened their first attack. in the 24th minute he made his way between the Šimko chips and the Azerbaijan was closest to the goal. Then he did not use the player from Turca and then tried it with a good shot from the right side of Themár. The middle part was the most balanced. Majster came in the 37th minute with a two-player advantage, but he made a mistake in the penalty bench, with the inaccurate puck from Podkonický sticking to Dírer and his solo in weakness meant a reduction of the match to 2: 1. p> V III. tretine saw more than a thousand spectators, especially the fight on ice, lacking goal opportunities, Zvolen apparently did not want to collect the compensating intervention from the Martincans and it also adapted the game. Only after the battle of Chovana and Šugárom the hockey had come to life a bit. At 53.min before Sutrek was handed over to P. Zuzin, and the defeated puck cleaned Podkonický into the goal – 3: 1. The score was 56. min for Turca Beran, who pushed the free kick to the right and lowered. At the very end, Martincania called off the goalkeeper and paid off. Thirty-four seconds before the third horn after Markovič’s penetration and the pass in front of Šimko equalized the Feather.

In the extended game he had the home team but the goal did not fall. The Definitives fell in separate raids, the decisive transformed by the experienced Martian striker Beran.

HKM Zvolen – MHC Mountfield Martin 3: 4 after sam. (2: 0, 0: 1, 1: 2 – 0: 0, 0: 1)
Goals: 1. Brabenec (Jurask, L. Pokovič) , L. Pokovič), 53. Podkonický (P. Zuzin) – 37. Dírer (M. Beran), 56. M.Beran (I. Ďatelinka, Markovič), 60. I. Ďatelinka (Markovič, Fujerík), decisive sam. Referee M. Beran
Excavation: 7: 5 in 2 minutes, extra: 52. Michal Chovan – 52. Šugár (both 10 minutes for roughness), 52. Zlocha ml. (10 min for bad behavior), power play: 0: 0, weakness: 0: 1, decided by Štefik – Kubuš, Jobbágy, 1097 spectators

– L. Pokovič, Juraško, Hraško, Pichnarčík, Ťavoda, J. Mucha – Podkonický, Brabenec, P. Zuzin – Michal Chovan, Huňady, Škvaridlo – V. Baláž, M. Jurík, Puliš – Martin Ďaloga, Čanky, Ľ. Zuzin

Martin: Šúrek – A. Novotný, I. Ďatelinka, Matejka, Tupý, Smrek, Brcko – Markovič, M. Beran, Fujerik – J. Perniš, Zlocha ml. , Vazan – Themár, Dírer, J. Cíger – Imrich, from 21.Daniel Babka, MHC coach: “We got a tall goal in the 1st minute with the second one from the uncovered space between the circles In the second third we increased the pressure, we played in the middle band and we won it.In the third third we mobilized and we gave two goals.We had several extensions, but we did not crouch.In the shooting we were happier. “

Ľubomír Oslizlo, coach Chosen: ” It is the same for us. But we got a goal in our power play, but we just increased, but the incomprehensible mistakes and exclusions cost us a lot of strength and the rival in the end. Martin was more lucky in the raids. “