Stuart Bingham or How to Achieve Immortality at 50: 1

Bingham’s path to the title was not at all obscured, because Ronnie O’Sullivan was standing on it. Bingham arrived in Sheffield cold and in the first match with Robby Williams it was to know. Obviously he was not in his own skin, yet he could handle a heavy start duel.

In the second round against Graem Dott, former world champion, everything was all right. The train with the target station, Immortality, started off with full steam. A comfortable victory 13: 5 brought Bingham to O’Sullivan. Ronnie was the favorite of the tournament – but otherwise – Bingham was not enough this time.

And Judd Trump, the second favorite of this year, was not enough. Then there was only the last game missing, and it would be the hardest, there was no point in rebutting it.Murphy has played incredibly well during the tournament and has often condemned his rivals with the best view of the table.

He lost only 25 frames against Bingham 37 in the finals.

The final pair surprised many, but they both deserved, nobody played the tournament as well as they did. The big final was of special importance to both. Bingham went into the final of the championship for the first time and his victory would make him the oldest debut winner of the tournament. And Murphy wished to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his first title with a second win.

One of the best matches in the history of the championships probably decided the frame with a serial number of 31. In a balanced state, players played in an epic battle lasting more than an hour.Until then, the attacking snooker was replaced by a solid defensive. Stuart’s frame eventually managed to win – thanks to the superb snooker on the yellow ball, which Murphy gave 30 points to the future world champion.

“At 15:15 I thought it was after my chances of breaking up,” Bigham admitted after the match, “it seemed to me that someone had exchanged my hands for nervousness. I finally won the marathon in the color, it fell out of me, and I started to play again. I can not believe I am the world champion. “

Stuart is known for his snooker lightening. During the year it will not miss a single tournament, whether in Europe or Asia. He doubted doubts about the possibility of choking and picking up the tournaments before he began to speculate. “I’ll stay the same.I’m going to keep going on all the tournaments. “Although Stuart has gotten into a few final games in the big tournaments and was successful in the three, few have believed he could be in the finals of the World Cup , Let alone win in the tournament. Betting Offices gave him a 50: 1 rate. This is not the first time that this underestimated player managed to capture the whole world within 14 days. Shaun Murphy, World Champion Energybet Energybet sporting bet online betting free bets of 2005, could tell about it. With the victory, Bingham moves to second place in the world ranking, the highest place he ever achieved.

The world championship that Snooker fans will be reminded of Bingham’s tears, Murphy’s sense of elegance and O’Sullivan’s socks has come to an end.The fantastic final top was a great season for the season.

In a couple of weeks, the new one will start playing again for a lot of trophies. The world has been and is a lot of players who have won countless tournaments and history has forgotten them. This is also the magic of the world championship – making the winner immortal. This is exactly what Bingham wrote this year.

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