Sparta has been burning in the Highlands with the biggest reinforcements as well, Netik and Pöppel

Only 24 players were left alone, only veteran Jaroslav Hlinka, who is preparing himself every year in the US, is missing. For the first time, the Slovak striker Andrej Kudrna joined the team and did not miss the two biggest reinforcements: Tomáš Netík and Pöpperle.

“I am enjoying the return to Sparta even though the team is very different from when I left. I still have a lot of friends here, “says Netík, and Pöpperle adds,” I take it as a diversification of the summer preparation, which is often stereotypical. “The main reason for organizing the trip was the change of environment.

“We’ve only been away for a few days, but the more intense the training was. Every such concentration helps make it all together.We did not have so many changes in the squad, so it is appropriate, “says coach Josef Jandač.

Nike, who comes from Slovan Bratislava, had to catch up with the others – he started training later. “When I compare the preparation with KHL, it’s different. You usually prepare there in the summer, in the Czech Republic, Energybet sports betting it is still common practice. I have to say that it suits me more. “

I Pöpperle likes similar events and hopes that Sparta will create a great team. “I still wanted to go abroad and get higher, but in the end I came back. When Sparta offered me a contract for three years, I decided I would be here because one should look a little more into the future.I believe I will have a great team experience Energybet online sports betting here. “

He’s still not doing Sparta yet: the basic part will always be great, but he’s still in the play-off for the most part in the semifinals. Who knows how it will be in the new year. After that, goal keeper Novotny, defender Pilař or attackers Rolinek and Vondrka, left.

This does not have to mean anything. “We are dealing with explosiveness and speed. It is not a bad idea that we did not have the Internet in the Highlands and actually no signal on the phone. As a person trains from morning to evening, he does not need to be continually on board and have information. First it was normal and we lived, too, “said Jandac.

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