Shoot the Super Bowl. Barcelona beat Seville in 5: 4

The crazy match decided up to five minutes before the end of the Pedro extension. Lionel Messi scored the 80th goal in European Cups and redefined the performance of Cristiano Ronald. The star Argentine, who also participated in the winning goal, also won with Andrés Iniestas 25 Trophy with Barcelona. They aligned Xavi’s club record.

The match was a direct kick. In the 3 minutes he put the ball in midfield Sevilly Banega and technical shot over the wall did not give goalkeeper Ter Stegen the chance.

But in four minutes the same situation took place on the other side and Messi fabulously appointed a left-handed. In addition, shortly afterwards, he made his second kick again and shined again when he hit the top corner of Energybet football bets online the goal.For the first time in his career, he made two straight kicks in a match in one match. When the Suarez half-time after the unaltered solos had set a goal for Rafin, the winner seemed determined. Especially when he made a mistake, Bev Sevilla Trémoulinas and Suarez raised to three goals difference. But Sevilla beat and quickly dropped after the defensive Barcelona lost to Reyese, who scored comfortably after Vitol’s center. Twenty minutes before the end came a dramatic plot.

After the foul, Mathieua turned Gameiro’s penalty and it was only a goal.

The surprised Barcelona lost its game of security and in 81 minutes it was punished by Sevilly Konopljanka.The Ukrainian on the back pole has swept the center of Immobile into the net.

So the decision had to be made until the extension, in which Barcelona was once again superior. Five minutes before the end, Messi again faced a kick, his first shot blocking the wall, but the Argentinean just fired again and goalkeeper Beto just kicked the ball before the running Pedra, who rushed under the bar.

Gól velmi slavil Also because it may have been his last match Energybet online betting free bets in Barcelona, ​​because it is his transfer to Manchester United. Pedro has already decided to take one extra time in 2009.

Seville had two more chances, but Coke and Rami did not score a goal. Coach Sevilla Unai Emery did not win his 20th.Match against Barcelona.

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