Sad rushed to Jizerska 50! Men were the best Pedersen

Czech cross country skiing Kateřina Smutná won the Jubilee 50th Jizerské padesátky. Briton Johansson-Norgren’s Swedish rival defeated 10.5 seconds, and in the long-distance series of Ski Classics she scored the fifth victory behind her. Among the men, Nor Morten Eide Pedersen was victorious in front of the compatriot and last year’s champion Peter Eliassen.

She was also triumphant as Austrian representative in Bedrichov last year, Johansson-Norgren won last year. This year, at least 13 kilometers before the finish, Norcka Astrid Oeyre Slindova shattered Norwegian Astrid Oeyre and Smutna then missed the leading class of Ski Classics.

“It was an incredible race like the two years ago. Thank you for that.I was terribly well, but the last five kilometers I really jumped to the bottom, “Smutna told Czech TV, her preparation for a race in the Jizera Mountains marked the cold she faced after the winning marathon a week ago in Italy. > The veterans Řezáč and Lukáš Bauer were initially in the lead group, but the rivals went after them. The three-time winner of the Jizera 50 Řezáč was finally the 13th best home runner, Bauer made his 22nd round just under Jiří Ročárk in preparation for the Lahti World Championship.

Pedersen and last year’s winner Eliassen escaped the others about 20 kilometers before the finish and decided to finish. “It was a very fast race.”I decided to fight Eliassen because I was able to save the forces at the final congress,” said Pedersen, the third ended with more than a minute’s loss of another Nor Tord Asle Gjerdalen.

The organizers of the Jizera Fifty this year changed the traditional January term, To keep track of the lack of snow, as in previous years, and the five thousand skiers have traveled in the main race.

Running sequence: 1. Gjerdalen 1164, 2. Pedersen 855, 3 .New (Czech Republic / Atlas Craft) 259, 23. Řezáč 257, 33. Ročárek 184, 43. Ondrášek 127, 47. Máka (Czech Republic), Hoelgaard (Nor./LeasePlan) / Atlas Craft) 113, 51. Srail (CR / Pioneer Investments) 98, 59.

Pšenička (CR / Silvini Madshus) 78, 63. Bauer 72 . > Running order: 1. Johansson-Norgren 1285, 2.Sad 1270, 3. Slinda 878,…19. Boudíková (Czech Republic / Atlas Craft) 164, 20. Moravcová 142, 27. Schützová 66, 30. Zelenková (all CZ / Silvini Madshus) 62.