Political betting is a relatively new phenomenon

Political betting is a relatively new phenomenon, a product of the era of bets on the Internet. Bookmakers most popular betting line politics in the UK. This “government after the elections and next Prime Minister after Cameron”. Because at stake is a lot of money, policy experts should know their job. And they are extremely accurate in predicting outcomes of upcoming events in this area.
The referendum in Scotland

As we already know, the Scots chose to remain in the UK, but a small majority – 55% against 45%. Before the vote, the bookmaker predicted the response of the voters “no”, and they got it. In this case, political experts (and the majority of betterof) correctly predicted the outcome in advance.

The U.S. presidential election in 2016

Experts correctly predicted that Barack Obama must win in 2008 and 2012. What they say about the 2016 elections? Hillary, Hillary and Hillary again.

The situation is this: if Hillary Clinton will take the nomination, she will win any Republican. A challenge she can Chris Christie (11,00), Marco Rubio (12,00), Rand Paul (13,00) and Jeb Bush (13,00).

Perhaps two years later, on the eve of elections, the situation will be quite different, but if recent history you says something, give the book credibility.

Following the British government

It can be expected that this line would be more appropriate, because these elections will be relatively soon – may 7, 2015 can you believe that in a dispute over a majority of seats in the next election to lead the labour party with a factor of 1.73.

You can safely expect the labour party will win, at the same time, the chances of forming an absolute majority is far less clear.

Let’s say that the labor party win and they need to create a coalition to form a government, with whom they will unite? With the current opponents – liberal Democrats who seem as out of place in the coalition, as before?

Why should we listen to experts on politics

On both sides of the Atlantic, home to thousands of scientists, and most of them endlessly talking about what they know (and worry) is very small.

Basically, it is due to political experts, major bookmakers like Paddy Power and William Hill have demonstrated a very impressive achievement in the right prediction.

In addition, these experts play a socially useful role. When people put money on the outcome of events, there are much more chances that they will try to influence it.

In the UK political betting is legal, and us gambling legislation it is prohibited.