Lose? Sokolov footballers did not experience this fall

Before Sokolov is only the leading Znojmo who fell in Karviná, but also the question, what next? If this great progressive placement had occurred at the end of the 2015/16 competition, what would be the next summer? Sokolov was not the first time in this precarious situation, just remember 2012.

“We are not dealing with this,” coach Daniel Šmejkal says for his entire team. And he must be right. It is not an up-to-date topic or a hot affair, for Baník is still the whole competition spring.

In addition, other high-quality units Karvina, Hradec Kralove and Ústí nad Labem breathe on the back with a slight distance away.

But what could or could not happen in spring or summer is more a question for club management.However, it is clear that any preparations for a shift to an elite Republican competition would not be resolved from day to day.

Back to the successful autumn. The top position in the FNL Sokol’s table is great, Baník is in the second place. Success unexpected but honestly worked out and fought. And also totally deserved. Sokolov was the only one who did not know the bitterness of defeat.

“We really did the autumn,” says Daniel Šmejkal, a successful coach of Baník. Sokolov broke into a new season with three winnings in a row behind and continued to collect points for the win, a total of seven, and draws, eight, without defeats.Fifteen non-defeat matches in a row behind you in the second league history of this division will never be found.

“We were defeated in Varnsdorf 1: 0 and the next autumn development was very favorable for us. In the season it broke, and luck often happened to us. But everything worked out successfully, “Smeykal praises his bosses for a successful autumn. And he has why. Everything has been backed up by honest football and successful, reliable performances.

Hattrick Manzii

The Saturday duel confirmed and crowned. Baník tried to push and rival opponents from all the firing positions. Half-time score 2: 0 moved Bidje Manzia in the 25th and 39th minute.At first, on the corner of Dvořák, he took advantage of the defensive defense and with a blow close he opened the match account with a quick goal. On his second he jumped to the center of Poučka from the left and raised the header to 2: 0. Shortly after the change of sides, this was the third time Gazella had been presenting the bumblebee of Baník.

This is a rebound from the right and the 3: 0 ground missile has completed his hattrick. Sokolov, the draw king of the competition, finished with a great fall with a great win. “We are happy with the course and result of this match,” concealed the pleasure of the pilot, Baník Šmejkal. “We are glad we did it.This nice win was helped by the good maneuver of Manzii, who scored the hat-trick. “His counterpart Roman Skuhravý was no longer content.

“I’m disappointed. That we can lose in Sokolov was very likely. Baník has a balanced and consolidated team, but I have been disappointed by some of our players for the match. The third goal was our big mistake. The reasons for thinking how to go now, we have more, “Sakurah did not hide his disappointment over the unfavorable outcome of his team.

Just a few rounds of home goalkeepers Belana did not seriously endanger, so Banik steadily beat the last Varnsdorf 3-0.Therefore, the Duel of Units from the opposite poles of the table ended as expected.

“Even in previous matches, we had good chances, but we did not. Now we were attacking. We thank all spectators and loyal supporters for the support we have had them throughout the autumn, “the team coach Baník Sokolov, Daniel Šmejkal, summed up the match and the whole successful autumn.