Legends sad over Ranieri’s end. Football is mad, sounds from England

Last May, he won a championship title and in January he chose FIFA as the best trainer of the past year. But now, Claudio Ranieri, one of the major leicher miracle makers, is on the pavement. In a situation where the acting champion is in the Premier League only one point above the descent zone, the club’s leadership has suffered patience. The personality of the soccer world but not the Italian gentleman’s misunderstanding.

One of the first to express critically Ranieri’s end was Gary Lineker, a native of Leicester. “After what Claudio did for the club, his throwing was inexplicable, unforgivable and terribly sad,” a television expert and a former assailant who spent ten years in the jersey “fox” wrote on Twitter. “It’s a real shame.Today I’ve stopped loving this beautiful sport a bit, “said another former shooter Michael Owen.

” The Premier League Trophy is a poisoned cup, Conte is waiting for a year!

” , Manchester United’s former legend, who claimed that four of the last five coaches who led their team to triumph in the UK’s highest competition were soon to be thrown out, but only Alex Ferguson, who, after the title in 2013 in Manchester United did not continue on the bench and voluntarily retired.

“The English champion and coach of the year according to FIFA has been thrown out.Smile, my friend, no one will erase the history you wrote, “Ranieri encouraged Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho on his Instagram.The Portuguese coach himself experienced a similar fate as his Italian colleague when Chelsea tossed him in December 2015, just seven months after he raised the prestigious league trophy with the London team.