Kaňkovský won the Hradec Slide. And now they’re afraid of the hills

“Last year, it did not work out here, but now I won, in addition to the Hradec colors, which is great for me. The guys from the team helped me, leaped, picked up and I put everything on one card, the final spurt and it came out, “said a 32-year-old cyclist.

Thursday afternoon was Hradec Králové cyclists with a length of 1.2 km, were tested by competitors in the category of pupils, cadets and juniors, also presented by handbikes and amateur racers.The worst conditions were handicapped cyclists – five racers have drowned heavy rain. Energybet online betting guide

The Elite Main Event races the weather, but the peloton went 123 wet racers. “Anything could have happened here, because it was wet at first and in one part of the track it was slippery on the road. I also thought: “That’s good,” Kaňkovský said.

There was no significant leak during the race, among the many active were the riders of the home team Whirlpool Author – Tři Jiří Polnický, Tomáš Bucháček Martin Hunal controlled the events at the head of the race. Kaňkovský crossed the finish line in the front of the peloton for the first time in the middle of the race.And then at the end of the game, when the target passed with his hands over his head.

“Fortunately, the track was a bit down, so you did not think about it. He just had to do it, “he said. Although he has not been in an ideal race situation lately, the race in the home environment has been ideally motivated by him. “The local track is rather heavy, part of the dice are here, there are two adventures. The piece of the road is also bumped, and when one does not really find a slowdown and does not have the perfect track, he does not have a chance. So I did not leave anything to chance and I spurred into the Energybet sport bet curve. I knew it would be good, “Kaňkovský admitted.

Victory in the 50s.The Hradec Králové Grand Prix won the yellow world jersey for the former three-stage East Bohemia Tour. “The criterion was done on me, so I’m glad I won, because the rest…On Friday, it’s still there, but then it goes to the hills, there I will fight a lot.”

Race The East Bohemia Tour, included in the 2nd UCI Europe Tour, will be held from Friday to Sunday and head across the Hradec Králové Region. The start of the first stage is planned for Friday, September 11 in Třebechovice pod Orebem, the second stage will be held in Hořice on Saturday 12 September and the East Bohemia Tour will culminate on Sunday 13.September in Opočno the longest serving 178 kilometers.

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