Hockey masters at the bottom. First title, then a steep fall

Until Pilsen, the 2013 champion, the champions met the same fate – after the euphoria came a fall. Sometimes very steep.

Litvinov, on April 23, won the premiere title, now – seven months later – crouched at the bottom. On Monday, Coach Assistant Coach Ondřej Weissmann resigned, and the management of the club, which is closer to the barrage than the playoffs, is planning further changes.

Fall was waiting, but not so. Being Litvinov added the key losses in the summer. Vervu is no longer the Olympic champion and authority in the Ručinský cabin, who has finished his career, goals are no longer the heart of Petružálek, the pucks no longer catch the Frenchman.The mosaic mosaic was broken by the departure of the accredited assistant of Hořava to camps to Sweden and the fitness coach of the Water to Hradec Králové.

“After a short summer and demanding Champions League we would need to catch up with the physicist, unfortunately there is no time in the running season, “, Assisted by Ondřej Weissmann, who became the first victim of the Litvínov crisis on Monday.

Weissmann was responsible for the defense of Hořava, but it was no longer consistent. However, its composition did not affect the changes. “The system that worked last year can not be played this year,” said Captain Michal Trávníček. “We do not have the ease, we go more carefully in the games because we know the situation is serious.We have a block in the head. “

Two three-point winnings from 23 attempts, that’s the trickery statistics of the champions. “Just terrible,” Travnicka laughs this year’s misery. They say the players end the match-ups. Being afraid of the fans may seem to be lacking in inflammation.

“If it seems that someone is not fighting, do not worry, it does not go to personal duels, it is given by not believing. Rather than risk making it a bigger polisher, the puck will throw away the blind. They are afraid to play, “he observed. He plans player exchanges, but he feels reluctance from other teams – why would they help someone on the bottom?So that they fall on it themselves? “Everybody is afraid of fear as a devil,” says Kysela.

Litvinov is used to moving in the bottom half of the table, but it is unattractive after the historic title. “We see how deep the gap between the seasons is. We are watching each other as each of us performs, “says Trávníček.

The gold ride has been imprinted too much best online betting sites offers for the team. “Even though we’re down in the table, we’re still trying to play our opponents. We are not a manchaft who is accustomed to just pulling out of the back and waiting for a break.After last year’s experience, we are trying to be active, but we do not have the strength and goals of it. “That’s why the champion is threatened with a barrage and therefore a descent.

Zlín case: waiting for better times

Zlín can be a positive inspiration for Litvínov. Last year he was in the same phase of the competition as miserable, but he best bet offers got away from Mikuláš and from the last place with unpredictable upsurge he dug straight from the bottom into the quarterfinals that he managed with Brno in the seventh cat.

But after Zlin again flags on the tail of the extra-league, and the hope of resurrection is a percentage lower.Everybody knows at Luďka Tchaikovsky’s Winter Stadium, yet it is worth recalling that with the hockey after the season, two of the most outstanding personalities of the team have finished. Triple World Champion Petr Čajánek and Petr Leška historically the most productive player of the extralig. The first teammate was pulling down the flames, the other upgrading hockey with new ideas for art.

“I do not remember that many key players will end up,” Zlín Rostislav Vlach, coach, mentions that the golden team has broken completely over the year. Immediately after the coronation, the young men Honeyszek and the Zambers moved abroad. Gradually the collector of titles Tesařík, canonist Balaštík and the man on the black work Köhler dropped.

And the new leaders from the shadow of the previous ones did not stand, expectations are tied to them.The captain of the Veselý team fell into the fourth league, Roman was forced to disqualify the Vlach from the group, Okála sent to play in first-line Havířov, the tale of the talent remains a lot owed by Petr Holík.

“They are not afraid to take responsibility. But from the overflow of effort they slip into convulsions. Especially in the end, “says Rostislav Vlach. And the army of young beks, which the extraliga Zlína envious of? “Stagnate and make mistakes.But we believe it’s still in them. “

The club has also dried up the talent base, so it pulls off the first league leagues. “But the junior and teenage pupils are coming up with chic attackers who could strengthen the team in terms of youth and prospects in the coming years,” the Vlach believes in better times.

Even in those bad guys he still has the confidence of leadership. / p> betting sites offers