Hisense adds sports gaming with NRL TV and Kayo apps


Rejoice, Hisense TV owners, many of you are being rewarded with new content and sports are key with the launch of a new NRL TV app alongside Kayo on recent Hisense TV models.

As a major partner of the NRL it makes perfect sense for the NRL TV app to come to Hisense TVs and it has been done very well.

While others have just written about the release, we have installed the latest operating system on our Hisense TV and can tell you firsthand how it works and how beautiful it looks.

The NRL TV app does not require any connection and is quite fast in terms of performance, and for clarity we are not even using a 2021 model TV. Our 85 inch R7 downloaded the update automatically, Kayo and NRL TV appearing in the list of applications after restarting.

NRL TV has a decent content menu thanks to a standard streaming style thumbnail layout

There is also a search and filter feature allowing you to see full game replays, highlights and press conferences from the round of your choice and more.

And, there’s live streaming of the press conferences and NRL’s own shows “Inside NRL, Game and NRL Teams” in the NRL TV app.

When playing content, there are pre-roll ads for what appear to be NRL sponsors, but all content is free to watch.

Hisense is halfway through its three-year partnership with the NRL which began in one of the toughest years for sport with Covid 19

Andre Iannuzzi, Head of Marketing at Hisense Australia, said: “At Hisense, we’re committed to bringing Australians the best in home entertainment, which means we’re constantly looking to expand our content offering, especially when it comes to sports. Our information tells us that our customers greatly value accessing sports content from the comfort of their own homes and this is something that we have seen increase exponentially over the past 12 months.

“The integration of the NRL TV app into our product line is an exciting development for our passionate sports clientele and dramatically improves our on-demand sports offering by ensuring there is something for everyone, from amateurs from basketball to passionate supporters of the NRL, to all-round sports fanatics with Kayo.

Kayo’s rollout could best be described as slow, with news arriving earlier this year at CES, as well as the new 2021 models reportedly featuring a Kayo button on the remote.

And there’s more, the NBA app is also on board for American basketball fans owned by Hisense.

“By partnering with the NRL, the NBA and platforms like Kayo and investing in innovative TV technology, from 8K ULED with AI powered upscaling to Mini LED, we are able to offer our customers get the best in-home viewing experience possible. Mr. Iannuzzi added.

“When fans aren’t able to make the game in person, we’re delighted to offer them a front row seat from their own living room. “

Which Hisense TVs are compatible with Kayo and NRL TV?

So it’s not easy, but all the model numbers are below to help you.

Essentially, versions 3, 4, and 5 of Hisense’s VIDAA U operating system will carry the applications, with exact model compatibility varying from version to version. It’s all about the processing power of the TV.

If you own any of these models, you’ll get NRL TV, NBA League Pass, Kayo, and Stan Sport:

  • 43S8 – VIDAA U3
  • 50R6 – VIDAA U3
  • 50R7 – VIDAA U3
  • 50S5 – VIDAA U3
  • 50S8 – VIDAA U3
  • 55R5 – VIDAA U3
  • 55R6 – VIDAA U3
  • 55R7 – VIDAA U3
  • 55S8 – VIDAA U3
  • 55Q8 – VIDAA U4
  • 58R5 – VIDAA U3
  • 58S5 – VIDAA U3
  • 65R6 – VIDAA U3
  • 65R7 – VIDAA U3
  • 65R8 – VIDAA U3
  • 65S8 – VIDAA U3
  • 65SX – VIDAA U4
  • 65Q7 – VIDAA U4
  • 65Q8 – VIDAA U4
  • 70S5 – VIDAA U4
  • 75R6 – VIDAA U3
  • 75R7 – VIDAA U3
  • 75R8 – VIDAA U3
  • 75S8 – VIDAA U3
  • 75Q8 – VIDAA U4
  • 85R7 – VIDAA U3
  • 85S8 – VIDAA U3
  • 85Q8 – VIDAA U4
  • 100S8 – VIDAA U4
  • 100L5F – VIDAA U4
  • U9G – VIDAA U5
  • U8G – VIDAA U5
  • U7G – VIDAA U5
  • A7G – VIDAA U 5 and;
  • all products launched in 2021

If you have Android U90G or U80G, you will get NBA League Pass, Kayo and Stan Sport but no NRL TV app.

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