Hedgehog was the ninth in the judging MS, Ječmínek dropped in the second round

Hezek reiterated his best position for his probable dernier at the championship. “Only the ninth place. I can not break it. It’s a shame because I had a good lot. The medal would be better, “said Hedgehog, who was the ninth at the European Games in June.

“I wanted to make a bigger result here, because it should be my last championship. My goal is still going to the Olympics in Rio, “added Ježek, who should score 184 points.

Thanks to the deployment, he started in the second round, in which he coached the young Polak Damian Szwarnowiecki After two yuk profits. In the third round, he broke into extenuating the unpleasant Tajik of the Schuchratzjon Farchizod.In addition, in this duel, he hurt his tongue, and after ten minutes he had to re-tattoo. Against Hong Kuk-hjon he started very well, and even rejoiced after the good luck when he felt his opponent threw on the ipon . However, the judges first evaluated it as wazari and then fixed their verdict on juko. “I felt I threw it on my back, so Energybet betting online I believed it would fix it on the ipon, but they fixed it in reverse. I just had to smile, “Ježek said.” Half a minute before the end, he paused for a while and the rival immediately took advantage of the wazari. The hedge had no time to reverse the duel. “I turned off unnecessarily.I rang well and then I rescued, “he regretted.

Mladík Ječmínek vylepšil

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Pro 22-year-old Ječmínka was the second start in the World Championship last year in Chelyabinsk in the first round. This time he managed his opening match, despite the fact that Dastan Ykybaev, who was two years ago, was the home’s representative. Kazakh promoted by the audience twice attacked and led twice, but Jemmin managed to react and threw his rival to the ippon.

“I am not happy with the course, I could forgive the mistakes at the beginning because I knew it would be hungry and going To me. But then the leadership gave him a little lullaby, and I surprised him with his favorite technique.I’ve been training this lesson since I was a little girl, “said Ječmínek to his first winning match in the World Championship.

Isayev, who was already a triumphant at the London Olympics in 2012, Even so, the son of a former fencing official has added 112 points to the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

“Isajeva knows well. I looked at him like a child. Since the Olympics does not bring any extra performances but still knows and wants to become the Russian leader. And it looked like, “said Judge USK Prague.

“He used my attacks, he’s a wait-and-see guy, and he punishes the bugs. But when the coach told me not to go, I did not know what to do, and I could not do it because I felt a chance.But he was waiting for me and punished me, “added Ječmínek. He did not think that he had to travel to Astany until Sunday due to problems with the date of the visa and had less time for acclimatization. “I was asleep normally. The other guys have bigger problems, so this role did not work, “said Ječmínek to a four-hour time shift.

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