Havel to Comet will not go, waiting for a quote from the NHL. When it does not come, it ends

But wait? Few overseas managers believe that Havlat might be a good hockey player. Let’s remind him that San Jose paid him out prematurely last year, and he subsequently got involved in New Jersey.

It was talked of as the last Havlato’s chance. “He’s still a great player,” said his faithful friend Patrik Elias at that time. Especially because of him when he came to the Devils, the experienced manager Lou Lamoriello believed that this collaboration would awaken the sleeping humor of a native of Mlada Boleslav.

It did not happen. Havlat did not heat up and again he did not play for the whole season. Like the previous three, he managed to get into just half of the game.And that’s the biggest nuisance: nobody believes that he can put together permanently disabled.

In the Czech Republic because for a long time Havlátová mentioned the possible involvement of Comet. Bruno’s new coach, Alois Hadamczik, longed for him, but he probably will not.

“I examined the possibilities for Jarda Medlík, our sports manager who is a neighbor of Martin’s dad. Martin is waiting for an offer from the NHL, and if you come, probably will end up with hockey, “said Aktuálně.cz Hadamczik.

Havlát wants to live in Florida to Europe, he no longer wants. It is no wonder: money has earned a pile during his hockey career, and he has only one health.Over the last seven years, he has spent over five million dollars annually, but in New Jersey he has had to take the bounty with a contract of “only” 1.5 million. But even if Havlat is over, he will still receive a high income: from San Jose, Who pays it out of the contract, gets another two million this year. In addition, life in sunny Florida is unpaid, especially when Havlat has a small daughter who can do it all.

Definitely not decided, the free-market game opened only on Wednesday and Havlat can still Wait. The question remains with which variant of the contract it is willing to accept.After often getting into Devils, he can not expect any ghastly offerings.