Goalkeeper Pöpperle returned to Sparta again. Will she finally help her to gold?

The first summer ice-hockey training is harsh for the hockey players, their gears harder in the heat, skating is not graceful. Occasionally, comic scenes happen – just like Pepperle’s on Sparta Monday.

The goalkeepers slipped unhappily, the experienced goalie was tangled with concrete, and Pöpperle dropped his head in the mantinel. “New skates, new ice, old scoring,” Pöpperle smiled, listening to the teammates. “But I survived it.” This was the beginning of the return of an experienced goalkeeper to Sparta, and for the fourth time in his senior career, the kid of the Prague club decided to go back home. “I do not think of another team in the Czech Republic,” Pöpperle admitted. “I signed the contract for three years, I’m glad I’m calm.I do not have to solve what will happen after the season. “

The guarantee of security was important to a 30-year-old man. Coach Josef Jandač believes him, making him a clear one. Sparta is also a rich club with good facilities. But also since 2007 without a title, demanding fans want to change with Pöppel. “Sparta would deserve it. I always return with the same goal, we do not even have to talk about it, “said the Spartan goalmaster.

Pöpperle often repeats that he has worked in Holešovice here.

The story from the first practice with the team seemed to symbolize all of its previous engagement.Every two years after the return of Leo Prague, he captured greatly, compared the record of Roman Malko in the number of null in the base part (11), helped Sparta to the Presidential Cup, got rid of the “scarecrow” In the extra-league playoff he first crossed the quarterfinals. But the Pragueers also dropped out in the seventh semifinal with Kometa Brno.

In the past season, Sparta’s self-confidence ended in the same phase as Tric. “At last, the caddy was stable, most of the manpauft remained.The team had the strength last year, and I think we have more experience now, “Pöpperle believes in a better placement, dreamed final, title expected.

Can Pöpperle be the right one?

His unfortunate play-off balance began ten years ago when a 20-year-old young man jumped into the quarterfinals against Vítkovice.

Coach Slavomir Lener surprisingly preferred him to the experienced Peter Bříza. But Pöpperle collected three shots three times. Twice the coincidentally surpassed his current agent Vladimir Vujtek.

In Sochi they owed me money, admitted Pöpperle < / H3>

But now, of course, the specific pressure in the Spartan Gate is obviously ready. For the year he was away, he also collected new experiences, waiting for Sochi’s offer, long before his son was born in Croatia. He spent a hectic summer, and now he has chosen home for the sake of separation from the family. “But I liked it, it is good for Russia,” Pöpperle said in a statement at the venue of the last Winter Olympics.

Sochi felt like he was in Florida, lived a short distance from the sea and Bolsoy Hall.But his employer in KHL also had financial problems. “They owed me some payouts, but they eventually paid off. Flying over Russia, and no money is no glory. The Russians are experiencing crisis years, I’m not twenty-five, so I’m glad I do not have to deal with this anymore. “

Although Pöpperle has returned to the familiar environment, he has to get used to two things: Sub> 2 arena and season without derby.

“I’ve got it out of the house so far, so I do not care,” the Pepis nicknamed the goalie, then continued more seriously, “It’s a newer hall, I take it as a step forward. I had to play there a few times as home. The change will be mainly for fans, Sparta has been in Holešovice for a long time, but there will be more comfort. It’s a habit.When we help each other, we can do it. “

The low traffic concerns that accompany most of Slavia’s domestic duels do not. “I do not think there will be less people going on. Firstly, we have a bigger fan base and secondly we are the only hockey player in Prague. But it is sad that a derby derives, “he says of the descent of the city’s rival Pöpperle.