Coach Uhrin returns to the league. The Slavs head for Pilsen where they did not want to

It was a warm August evening and Pilsen footballers spread Ceske Budejovice on their pitch 4: 0. In the meantime, the leadership of the West Bohemian club, despite the high win, decided to end Uhrin.

The experienced coach did not fulfill the task – he did not go to the main stage of the European League. Pilsen in the third prelude after the results 1: 1 and 1: Energybet online betting deals 4 was not enough for Petrolul Ploiesti.

“I will like to go to Pilsen,” says Uhrin now. “I was not there for a short time, and I have seen some great games that will never happen again.I look forward to the players I know. I do not have a problem with Pilsen. “

Gap in Italy

The relationship did not look. “We do not believe that the team did not fulfill the task because the team was not ready enough at the beginning of the season,” said Pilsen owner Tomáš Paclík at the time.

“We think that in some passages of the matches, expertise, erudition, Adolf Šádek.

“I will not comment on relations with management. Relationships between me and the superiors are internal things like any other profession.We broke out normally and hand our hand, “Uhrin said.

By returning a 47-year coach to the Czech league, which trained in Pskov and Slavia in Dinam Minsk, last year’s memories come alive. Uhrin talks about Pilsen today, he does not act shyly. Not even when he gets a question about the statements of his then-superiors.

“There was something there, but to tell the truth, I almost forgot.

I do not care what it was and was not. I’m not a man to deal with, “Uhrin said.” And he went on: “I went through many clubs and Pilsen was just one of them. This was not about the fact that something was wrong. We did not go to the cups, which is happening. We lost four games one game, and then somehow guessed it somehow defended the fans.Why do they do it is not my problem. “

Uhrin believes in his team

Early summer after the appeal of Energybet online betting free bets Miroslav Beránek.

I think we have nothing to surprise, even if its quality is great. But we have good players and I am convinced that we are able to build a high quality eleven, “Uhrin noted. He can also count with the striker Milan Škoda and the midfielder Jaromír Zmrhal, whose transfers have been speculated lately.Slavia would have received tens of millions of crowns for both, in a difficult economic situation a significant amount.

“The team is good, there is a good base,” Uhrin said, with the team remaining in support of Martin Berkovec or Martin Substance.

And he added: “Of course, we would all like cups, but the second thing is, how do we show it to the public. The league is a long-term affair and it is premature to communicate, we will be in the mood.We will do everything to please the hobbyists. “

The promise can begin to fill where he left involuntarily a year ago.

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