Chrudim champions from the throne? The Teplička wolves plummet after the title

“I do not know if this win will kick us, but it’s definitely better to keep 1: 0 on matches than to lose. On the other hand, in Chrudim, we have to perform much better to succeed, “says the universe of Teplice wolves Jiří Novotný. Chrudim did not break two goals on Tuesday, the 4: 6 critical at the end called 6: 6 and forced a penalty shootout.

“Another manchaft in the league could not. Chrudim sold the experience from the Champions League, did not resolve, and we had to make a decision in a shot that was good. “And that was Balticflora. While the shooters have succeeded all of them, the opponents have twice hesitated.

“We have shown a cooler head, the penalties are that they have to hit the gate at least.Chrudim did not succeed twice, so we won, “Novotny said. He himself made his penalty in the third series of the shot.

“I was very reassured when their first player did not give up. I thought that even if I did not change, it would be relatively cool. I’m glad we finally managed it, maybe it’s better than if we won 6: 4. Chrudim is going to be a bit worse now, “Novotny predicts.

However, Chrudim captain Lukáš Rešetár says: “Balticfora has been pulling for a shorter end with the forces at the end of the game and in the extension, it is more a pity we did not break it.”The masters will be under pressure at home, but also Teplice, who, as the unbeaten winners of the basic part, is attributed a favorite sticker, which is to end the long-time reigning Chrudim . “I also heard that we had them this year, but I did not say it myself in my life. For me it is the fifth finale and I have always been the loser. We just have to fight it on the pitch, after five matches, or maybe sooner, we will know, “says Novotny.

Let the series be as long as the next matches are like the first. Even Novotny was excited. “Super atmosphere, people must have liked it.Futsal advertising was great! “