Chomutov repaid Boleslav debakl. They beat us through our game, Musil was sad

It’s a special series. The pre-play play off between Mlada Boleslav and Chomutov offers wonderful results. Home fans are always disappointed. After two Boleslav raids 7: 1 and 6: 1 on the ice of the Pirates came on Thursday to change the victory 5: 1 for the second camp. “We have a match at home on Friday and we have to do everything to do the last step,” says Pavel Musil, the Boleslav striker.

The third match was diametrically different from the previous two on the ice of the Chomutov SD arena. What went on Mladá Boleslav on Monday and Tuesday did not succeed in continuing on home ice. The skaters did not escape, the pucks leaped in key moments, they did not stick with the missiles.Just like the Pirates, Boleslav chose the day of a jerk.

In mid-third of the third quarter, Central Bohemia received a minute and half a five-point power play against three. They could still mourn and do something with a fight. Jakub Klepiš hit the bar, but they did not like the goal. “We do not want to admit that we did not even shift the power. Hopefully, there will be some fights tomorrow and it will help us win the match, “Musil did not lose his head. Chomutov had to change something radically after two high defeats. And it worked. Coach Vladimir Ruzicka directed a successful tactic.The Chomutovs did not step in the defense, they did not let the rivals get the money they collected from home. “We can not do anything, they beat our game, they prepared us well,” complained a 24-year-old striker.

Decisive was the first third that the Pirates won 3-0. As in the previous matches, it was confirmed that the match would win the lead. “We were successful in entering the match in Chomutov today. In the 0: 3 position, we were hardly rising, it was cumbersome. The opponent defended well, he played very well, “František Excellent, coach of Mladá Boleslav, evaluated the unsuccessful match.

The pirates still saved themselves. For at least one day, Boleslav has a second meble on Friday.Chomutov’s coach Vladimir Ruzicka was glad that his team on the ice of Ško-Energo Arena will be presented again. “As Vláďa said, on Friday we are here again,” the Excellent responded to the previous statement of the coach.

Home: 36:38. Orsava

Guests: 09:40. Vondrka, 14:17. Skokan, 15:04. Vondrka, 39:23. Polettin, 46:01. Huml


Domestic: Maxwell (Halász) – Stříteský, Štich, Kurka, Hanzlík , Lenc – Orsava, Klepis, Žejdl – Látal, Urban, Pacovsky – Pabiška (A), Vampola (A), Pospíšil.

Guests: Laco (King) – Rutta, L.Chalupa, Flemming, Dlapa, Valach, Mrázek, Skinner – Skokan, Huml (A), Tomica (A) – Vondrka (C), V. Růžička, Sklenář – Kaše, Kämpf, Koblasa – Raška, Šťovíček, Poletín. >