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A stack of goals crowned a good start at the engagement in Pilsen

The Slovak footballer Jakub Hromad was in the seventh contest in the first time in the jersey of Pilsen. The twenty-year-old midfielder contributed the opening goal for the victory of Victory 2-1 in Liberec and crowned the start of a

Coach Jarolím believes that the Czechs will not allow the ripping of the table

Coach Karel betting sider med startbonus Jarolím does not allow the team to hesitate on Tuesday’s qualifying match with Azerbaijan and allow the group’s table to break. He believes that, despite the significant problems of relying mainly on the reserve

The mystery surrounding Jágra continues: Agent Svoboda and Devils are silent

PRAGUE – Jaromír Jágr will have so many offers that he can choose. Jaromír Jágr sees his future black. Jaromir Jagr signed New Jersey Devils.Jaromir Jagr is still without a contract.

VIDEO Sensação dos príncipes do Mônaco: Guardiola engoliu a pílula quente do outono

Os vencedores da MONACO – AS Monaco ganharam no meio de um duelo de retaliação do terço de oito homens da Liga dos Campeões da Manchestru City 3: 1, e em um jogo de 3: 5 na Inglaterra, eles se

AO: Federer continued through Andreyev, Davydenko in form

MELBOURNE – leader of the world ranking ATP Roger Federer in the first round of the Australian Open annoy the Russians Igor Andreev, but eventually, to the – 4: 6, 6: 2, 7: 6 (2), 6: 0 for 164 minutes

Lose? Sokolov footballers did not experience this fall

Before Sokolov is only the leading Znojmo who fell in Karviná, but also the question, what next? If this great progressive placement had occurred at the end of the 2015/16 competition, what would be the next summer? Sokolov was not

Hockey masters at the bottom. First title, then a steep fall

Until Pilsen, the 2013 champion, the champions met the same fate – after the euphoria came a fall. Sometimes very steep. Litvinov, on April 23, won the premiere title, now – seven months later – crouched at the bottom. On

The Twentieth had a great result: Canada turned in the last few minutes

MALMÖ – Slovak hockey players under 20 have had another surprise in the current World Championships in Malmö by 20 years, when they have fought for a long time in favor of the Canadians in the basic A group, but

The acting champion continues with insignificant performances: Zvolen also succumbed to Martin

ZVOLEN – The match was marked by the defeat of Šúrek in the 14th second, when Jurasek missed a random puff for himself and scored 1-0 in front of an empty goal. The volunteers were active on the sticks and

The winning draw Piestany finished: Skalica duel turned in the last third

PIEŠŤANY – In the first few minutes of the game, Lusnak had two chances, but Romančík did not stop in the visitors’ goal. In the next few minutes, the game was squeezed by frequent exclusion. At the 10th minute, the