Brady pursues all-time record by breaking reunion game record | Sports News


For the second straight season, the New York Jets and Giants opened the season with three straight losses. The slippage extended to five games last year for the Giants and 13 for the Jets in gruesome New York football.

Brady pursues all-time record by surpassing reunion match record | Sports News Since the start of the 2017 season, the Giants and Jets are tied for worst NFL record with 18-49 points.

Las Vegas, Denver, Carolina and Arizona all won their first three games after missing the playoffs in 2020.

Since the eight-division format began in 2002, this is only the third time at least four teams have started a season 3-0 after missing the playoffs the year before. It also happened in 2013 with Miami, New Orleans, Kansas City and Chicago, and in 2003 with Denver, Carolina, Kansas City, Seattle and Minnesota. There are five undefeated teams left after Week 3 and only the Rams have just completed a playoff season.

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