“Boy, thank you.” Hockey Zlín gave tribute to its icons

First, Dvořák’s New World Symphony was heard. Then the fans began to chant “Boys, thank you.” And finally, three icons of the golden age of the ice hockey Zlín from the beginning of the third millennium entered the ice.

First Jaroslav Balaštík. Then Petr Leška. And finally, for the most charming applause of the well-filled tribunes Petr Čajánek.After last season’s definitive closure of their successful career before the opening home extra-league match with Sparta, the club’s management was farewell to them.

“After the season it was hectic, we enjoyed it now,” said Petr Čajánek. “I’m delighted that we could have waved the last time and thanked us for supporting us over the last twenty years,” said Petr Leška, who went to the ice hockey relay as the historically most productive player of the extraliga. On Sunday, they took their jackets and shirts instead of hockey kits, and after the ceremony they sat comfortably in the skybox above the ice.

“With Lešoun we had a note after two minutes that it looks terrible . We used to say how he would play hockey differently, where he would go to the right place, “Balaštík confided with his observations.

He does not get the ice rink any more, just like Leška and Čajánek. “You have not been training for four months. Life moved on.Personal priorities are different, “said Čajánek, who returns his family time to hockey. “Children have priority.”

The civilian life was quickly accustomed. While Leška and Čajánek are still considering what they will do, Balaštík has its immediate future solved. The ice hockey stadiums have been playing as a player since summer.

“But once I want to train. Helping young people move them further, “said the triplex best extralig gunman.

The actual offer from the club did not even get one. “I will not go into it, 25 years I was on the coil. Let’s see how it’s done. It’s up to us if we have hockey and clubs to offer, “said the three-time world champion Čajánek.

Their followers were not happy on Sunday.Sparta has succumbed to 3: 5 and after two rounds it is at zero. Leška et al. but they are already above the point. “It’s just the beginning of the season. As it looks, we can talk about Christmas, “Leška says.