Betting on tennis is not only surprisingly fun

Betting on tennis is not only surprisingly fun, they can be very profitable if you do them correctly. When you begin your journey into the wonderful world of tennis betting, beware of the following four pitfalls that can harm your bankroll.
1. Bet on the obvious underdog in a major tournament

Of course, when you see a player with odds of 6.00, I want to put on him for some money. When you see a player with odds of 11.00 or above, the opportunity looks even more attractive and requires more exposure. If you guess, you will get a good win, but there is one serious problem: the guys who assign Kafy of this order, as a rule, inferior to their opponents in skill by a large margin. In tennis the difference between the players of the Top 10 and players entering in the seventh or eighth ten rankings, is very high. And in tennis, which is even lower, hardly have a chance to win several games, not to mention the match.

In large tournaments involved are great players. Do not attach much importance to the early departure of the small competition, if this has not happened due to injury (see below). In addition, the Grand slam tournaments the stars are given five sets (if necessary), to win the match. This favorite has even more time to win, even if this particular day he is playing worse than expected. The potential payoff from risky bets will make you think, but better to miss it, as it will be losing in the long run.

2. Do not pay attention to cover

Tennis is very interesting, because this is a game that takes place on a different surface. Here are three main ones: hard coating, herbal coating and primer. They significantly affect the bounce of the ball and consequently what style of play works better. Some players spetsializiruyutsya on certain surfaces. When you see two players with almost identical coefficients and close positions in the ranking, don’t forget to check what effect they have on the cover, which runs the tournament – you can find the advantage.

3. Blind bet for the player who likes

This is a known trap that is valid no matter what kind of sport it is. In betting too often people allow the heart to interfere in the work of the mind, and the end result is a smaller bankroll than he was before the bet. Place a bet on one of your favorite players will help you to make watching the match more exciting, but the results can be disappointing. In each case, you should conduct proper research and bet based on statistics and not on his sympathy for a particular tennis player.

Remember: much less pleasure to play against your favorite tennis player than him. But the less you will be guided by the feelings, the more profit will get.